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Over 200 greater Fox Valley fitness professionals came together Sept. 26 through Sept. 29 to continue their education and develop professionally at the National Exercise Trainer Association’s (NETA) Fit Fest event.

Hosted by the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC), Fit Fest is a nationally recognized fitness convention that allows community members to register for various fitness certifications and workshops designed to provide participants with cutting-edge research and class designs within the fitness industry.

In exchange for UWO hosting the event, NETA allowed SRWC Fitness Services Coordinator Jordan Mooney to send just over 20 of his student employees to Fit Fest for certifications free of charge.

“Without these comped registrations, many of my students wouldn’t have the means necessary to attend an event like this,” Mooney said. “I got to send students to these awesome workshops where they develop professionally in the fitness industry, and they get to put those certifications to use here at the SRWC.”

Not only are these certifications great resume builders, they’re also a great opportunity for students to network with fitness professionals in the area and make valuable connections that could be helpful after graduation.

Junior psychology major Rachael Cupp of Rock Island, Illinois., attended Fit Fest for her yoga certification. Networking was her favorite part about getting certified.

“I got to meet people of all ages who shared the same passion as me. Everyone there wanted to learn and wanted to be there,” Cupp said. “Other students should take advantage of this opportunity because it is of so much value and is on our campus.”

The certifications obtained from Fit Fest are nationally recognized and qualify individuals not only to be employed at the SRWC but also at any chain fitness facility in the nation.

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