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Allycia Gullikson, of Winneconne, knew she wanted to continue her education after high school, but was unsure about a specific career path.

“I decided on the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Fox Cities campus because of the ease of transfer into another UW school if I choose to do that in the future,” Gullikson said. “The affordable pricing was a huge benefit for me as I was going to be paying for school out of pocket. The small classrooms and dedication of the professors and staff drew me in after going on a tour of the campus.”

Gullikson will be awarded an associate degree during the first UW Oshkosh three-campus commencement ceremony on Saturday, Dec. 14 at Kolf Sports Center in Oshkosh.

“Earning an associate degree, especially our transferable UW Oshkosh associate of arts and science degree, is an important milestone for students,” said Martin Rudd, UWO assistant chancellor for access campuses.

“Completing the degree can mean access to new career opportunities or serve as the foundation for further education in a wide array of majors. The cornerstone of success is that the pathway to any type of degree should fit the individual’s needs to move in and out of education with simplicity.”

The Fox Cities campus gave Gullikson the chance to take classes that interested her and explore possible careers. In the long run, she knew she wanted to own her own business–a salon. She began taking business classes to help get her dream off the ground. Gullikson also recognized that her courses would be a good foundation for the future if she decided to pursue a business degree.

“Business is going to be a huge part of my future. And by taking business classes, I was able to seek help on how to run a business,” she said. “I could look into finances, marketing, etc., to give me a good idea of what I would be expecting.”

As she considered possible careers, Gullikson kept finding herself drawn to cosmetology and after graduation, she plans to attend cosmetology school and work in the field she’s always loved.

There are many things she will miss about the Fox Cities campus, and Gullikson said she appreciated the smaller campus environment.

“The campus is quiet and friendly,” she said. “Getting assistance from the help centers on specific subjects is super useful and contacting classmates for help is also a breeze.”

Gullikson attended classes full time and worked full time while pursuing her associate degree.

“I have to admit…it was hard. I have been working 40-plus hours a week and attending class full time,” she said. “Nothing is impossible, however, and I still managed to find time for family, friends and homework. It’s all about creating a schedule that works perfectly around school.”

Her advice to incoming students: “Sit in front of the classroom. It forces you to pay attention,” she said. “Take chances, don’t doubt yourself, and ask for help when it’s needed.”

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