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The UW Oshkosh Cheer and Stunt Team performed a routine incorporating cheers and chants to go along with the music at the 2010 New North Summit. Photo by Image Studios.

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh recording technology students collaborated with the University’s wind symphony and jazz choir to produce a new version of the fight song, “Hail Titans,” for the 2010 New North Summit.

Music professor Edward Martin composed a new version of the University’s traditional fight song in honor of the New North Summit held last November. Martin, along with many talented students and faculty, created a grand adaptation that was revealed at the Summit.

“We decided early on that this music should simultaneously celebrate the goals and vision of the New North community and the achievements and potential of our world-renowned faculty and students at UW Oshkosh,” Martin said.

At first the project seemed like a daunting task to Martin. But with the talent of UW Oshkosh student and faculty musicians, a team effort allowed them to produce an unforgettable performance.

“The logistics involved in coordinating all of the different elements and musicians was a challenge,” Martin said.

Along with the sounds of the choir and the symphony, was a performance from the UW Oshkosh Cheer and Stunt Team. They came up with a routine and New North cheers and chants to go along with the music.

“In addition,” Martin said. “We decided to take a unique approach to celebrate those aspects that make northeast Wisconsin such a wonderful place to live—nature, the arts, business, industry and agriculture— by incorporating actual recordings of these ‘sounds of Wisconsin’ into the music.”

Working on the recording of the project became the job of two recording technology students, Anthony Weber and Natalie Fores.

“The project sounded like a lot of fun,” said Weber. “Natalie and I make a great team, so when Dr. Martin suggested that I get a partner to work with, I automatically thought of her.”

Weber and Fores worked together to gather recordings of the band, choir and “sounds of Wisconsin.” All of these elements were then combined together to create the New North fight song “Hail Titans.”

“I was a little worried that the project wouldn’t get finished in time,” said Fores. “But I think it turned out really well.”

The new version of the song makes a Wisconsinite feel right at home, with sounds like a cheering crowd, chirping birds and even a proud Wisconsin cow.

“In the end I can definitely say that I had a lot of fun composing the music, collaborating with our student musicians and meeting some new people as the whole thing came together,” Martin said.

Listen to the collaborative sounds from UW Oshkosh faculty and students: