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The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh philosophy department has created a new 12-credit certificate program designed for easy completion by students in any major.

Requirements include one introductory ethics class and one independent study course with a reflective essay, as well as three elective applied ethics courses.

“This new program is designed to appeal to both philosophy majors/minors and to students majoring in STEM and pre-professional programs who may not have time to double-major or minor,” said Larry Herzberg, philosophy department chair and program originator.

Herzberg and Evan Williams, assistant professor in the philosophy department who is an ethics specialist, believe that the applied ethics certificate provides a credential that would make STEM and pre-professional students more appealing to employers.

Adding the Applied Ethics Certificate allows students to demonstrate to future employers that they have the ability to reason analytically, critically and creatively about ethical issues that may arise in the workplace and elsewhere in life.

PHIL 105/106 Ethics and PHIL 485 (independent study with reflective essay) are required. Students choose three of the following electives: PHIL 205/206 Ethical Issues in a Diverse Society; PHIL 220 Business and Ethics; PHIL 230 Environmental Ethics; PHIL 231 Biomedical Ethics; PHIL 335 Philosophy of Sex; or PHIL 350 Computing Ethics.

More information is available by visiting or by contacting Larry Herzberg at

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