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Before he became a professor, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh psychologist David Lishner didn’t have much faith in human nature. But the results of his research have changed his opinion.

The latest issue of Engage magazine, which is available online now, explores the state of altruism in today’s world.

“The human ability to feel tenderness is much better than that of other mammals,” Lishner said. “We have it down to a science.”

He said a behavior is truly altruistic if the goal is to benefit another person as an end unto itself.

“In the wake of the Arizona shooting earlier this month, it is especially heartening to know that notions, such as ‘pay it forward’ and ‘random acts of kindness,’ continue to thrive in our society,” said Alumni Relations Director Christine Gantner.

Engage also includes:

  • A story about Surface, a 20-minute film about post-apocalyptic Earth created by students in professor Doug Heil’s motion picture workshop.
  • Profiles about a junior from Fond du Lac and an alumnus from Florida who are giving back.
  • A feature story about 400 current University employees who also are alumni — with double the UWO commitment and double the pride.

Look for fresh content added monthly to Engage online.