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University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students continue to land jobs after graduation at a higher clip than the national average, a new study shows.

The annual First Destination Outcomes survey targets recent UW Oshkosh alumni to learn about their career outcomes. Released this week, the study gives insight to the post-graduate endeavors of students who graduated with bachelor’s degrees during the 2018-19 academic year.

Of the nearly 2,000 respondents, 88.8% reported an outcome—meaning they are either employed, involved in military or volunteer service, continuing education or not seeking employment. That’s up from 88.5% reported from the previous year and well above the U.S. average of 85.7%.

“The latest data once again show Titans achieving success after graduation and, steadily and overwhelmingly for students from the state, they are thriving and contributing in Wisconsin,” UWO Chancellor Andrew Leavitt said.

Of those working, 71.3% said of respondents said they secured their position before graduation. That’s a jump of nearly 10% from the previous year.

The survey is administered by the UWO Career an Professional Development office. Information is first collected from undergraduate students and then updates are given three, six and nine months after graduation. Data is collected related to the number of employed students, their employers, their positions and their salaries. It also looks at the number of students continuing their education, where they are attending and what they are studying.

Jaime Page-Stadler, Career and Professional Development director, was proud of the fact that nearly 85% of the 2018-19 class with an outcome remain in Wisconsin. That includes more than 35% of nonresidents who finished school and then stayed in the Badger State.

“UW Oshkosh is consistently providing top talent for our region and the state,” Page-Stadler said.

Jessa Hahn, a 2019 graduate, is among the many success stories from her class in the College of Nursing. She stayed in Wisconsin and is now a registered nurse with Froedtert Health. Her advice to current and future students is to take advantage of everything they can at UWO to better equip themselves for what comes next.

“My experience at UW Oshkosh has set me up for a lifetime of success,” Hahn said.

The results of the study also show the positive prospects for UWO students as clouds of uncertainty loom due to the coronavirus crisis. The economic environment of the future may be an unknown, but Titans are being set up to find success.

“Local and regional communities, businesses, nonprofits, school systems and other organizations will, more than ever, rely on Titan talent as we all rebound from the impact of COVID-19,” Chancellor Leavitt said. “We are proud to know that our students from Wisconsin and other states are well-prepared to help in the recovery to come.”

First Destination Outcomes survey:
Key figures from the class of 2018-19

  • 88.8%: Graduates reporting an outcome—more than three percentage points higher than the national average.
  • 71.3%: Graduates who secured their position before graduation.
  • 84.6%: Graduates with an outcome who remain in Wisconsin
  • 79.1%: Graduates who are working—compared to the national average of 63.5%
  • $59,564: The average annual salary for College of Nursing graduates
  • $44,505: The average annual salary for graduates
  • 95.6%: College of Business graduates who secured an outcome
  • 92.4%: College of Nursing graduates who secured an outcome

You can view the full First Destination Outcomes report here.

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