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The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh saluted more than 1,600 graduates with a virtual ceremony on May 16, 2020. In lieu of meeting in person, many of our graduates took to social media to celebrate this momentous occasion. Read on for our 20 favorite posts on social media from our graduating Titans and their friends and family this weekend.

1: Goals accomplished

2: A crafty celebration

Featuring family members, friends and one celebrity guest, this homemade graduation ceremony just might rival the real thing.

3: Support from a sister

4: A good sign


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GRADUATION!! #classof2020 #graduation #masters #mba #getit #gotit #done #nohomework #uwograd #movethetassel

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5: Play it again!

6: Custom cookies


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It’s hard to believe I did it, but the day has finally come. I’m officially a Nurse Practitioner! #BSNtoDNP #UWO #2020grad #uwograd

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7: We’re sure everyone is there in spirit

8: First-generation achievements


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Today I became the first in my family’s history to attend and graduate from college. Even though it’s not the moment it could’ve been, today – this moment – is still very special to me and my family! It wasn’t easy. It took sacrifice, a lot of tears and frustration, but I’m here! My mom and I used to walk to school (Precious Treasures) every morning and she’d tell me this would happen, but I never thought it was possible. Today and like most days, she’s actually right 😂. Out of 1700+ graduates, I am also 1 of 5 with both the Honors Medallion and Chancellors Award of Excellence this year. I not only finished, but finished well. Thank you to my family and friends for making this moment feel special even with everything going on, and congratulations to Class of 2020! COVID can’t stop us, and that’s on what? PERIOD! Next stop, University of Michigan Ann Arbor for my Master’s! #SwipeLeft #classof2020 #firstgenerationcollegestudent #IAmBecoming #UWOGRAD #TitanPride #graduatetogether 💛🖤

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9: Tribute to a mother


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Yesterday, I graduated with my BBA and I owe it all to this woman, my mother, who supported me through all my years in college. For someone who took 1.5 years off of school, I am proud that I was able to find a little bit of motivation left in me to continue to pursue in higher education. It still feels surreal that my time as an undergrad has finally come to an end. My only regret is not having my dad here by my side on this day; however, I know that my dad is super proud of me and watching over all of us. Idk what my plans are yet but I hope to further my education so that I can only continue to make my parents proud! Congrats to class of 2020! It’s been a rough ride this last semester but we made it! 👩🏻‍🎓🎊🎉 It doesn’t matter when you start or when you finish. What matters most is that you push yourself to do it and push yourself to finish it. Go at your OWN pace! . . . . . . . . #classof2020 #undergrad #UWOgrad #collegeofbusiness

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10: Tribute to a daughter

11: Hats off to a new grad

12: Power poses are better with a diploma in hand


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This is only the beginning 🎓 • • #journeytojournalism #UWOGrad

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13: Ready to take on the world

14: Who threw it best?

(It’s a toss-up.)


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UWO class of 2020! #uwograd #proud #uwoshkosh #bsw

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15: Send-off for an exceptional senior 


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For our last Senior Sendoff we have Dom Covington aka Sir Mix-A-Lot ⚔️ As the last Knight of the Fall 14 Mu line, he is earning his degree in Leadership & Organizational studies with plans of moving back to Milwaukee to prepare for OCS through the Marines. 🛡 As our most senior Knight, we are #TooProud of the example he has set for us, demonstrating what it truly means to be a Man of Vision thru UNITY, HONESTY, INTEGRITY, & LEADERSHIP. We are also #TooHype to see him graduate & continue his military service as he work towards becoming a Marine Officer. ⚔️🛡 Join us tomorrow at 8:07am as we give our final farewell to all of our Senior Knights before the virtual commencement begins at 9:30am. 👀 (The Graduation Link will be listed in the bio) #ODPhi #2020graduate🎓 #uwoshkosh #fraternitylife #uwograd #college #graduation #seniorsendoff #alumnistatus #AlumnKnight

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16: Graduating debt-free

17: Well worth the effort

18: A message from from Rep. Gordon Hintz 

19: A message from Chancellor Andy Leavitt

20: And finally, a sweet mash-up message from UWO faculty and staff 

We’re rooting for you, Titans, and we always will. Congratulations!