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Fond du Lac natives Morgan Endries and her twin sister Abby did nearly everything together their first 18 years.

But when it was time for college, Abby chose the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and Morgan chose UW Oshkosh, where she has been a member of the Titan track team.

Morgan Endries

Morgan Endries is graduating from UWO at midyear with a degree in marketing, while her twin also graduates this month with degrees in biology and chemistry from La Crosse. The two look forward to reuniting after they wrap up their studies.

“When I first started college, my plan was to transfer to UW-La Crosse after the first semester, but I ended up loving it here,” Morgan said. “I had an amazing roommate, friends, helpful professors and a team full of great people. I no longer had the desire to leave because I felt at home here and I felt okay with the distance from my sister.”

Morgan is seeking at job in marketing analytics. She is keeping her options open, but she is most attracted to positions in market research or digital marketing analytics―likely in the Milwaukee area. Her “dream job” would be as a market research analyst with the ability to forecast trends.

“The reason I started studying analytics is that I like to understand the technical side of marketing,” she said. “I think it’s interesting to see the stats of, for example, why a marketing campaign would be worth pursuing, or what campaign the company may implement due to the trends in the forecast.”

Morgan said she’ll miss the learning portion of college―and meeting new people and professors in the classroom.

She said she’s had great professors, she’s “looked up to each and every single one” and felt they’ve always been there to support her education. She said they made learning about marketing exciting every day.

She said retired professor John Depies inspired her to select marketing as her major.

“I knew it was the right path ever since the introduction course with him,” she said. “I think every UW Oshkosh marketing professor needs a huge thank you for being amazing, especially during the whole COVID-19 process.”

Above photo: The Endries twins at their younger sister’s high school graduation.

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