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Things are starting to return to normal at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh this fall.

With 82% of undergraduate courses taking place in person, instruction has bounced back to near pre-pandemic levels.

That exceeds the goal of 75% that UW System Interim President Tommy Thompson set in February amid a 2020-21 academic year in which more classes than usual were delivered remotely due to COVID-19.

Provost John Koker

“While we are working to expand our online offerings for students who prefer that option, most of our students who attend our three campuses want face-to-face classes and in-person interactions with our faculty and staff. We are pleased that we have returned to our pre-pandemic numbers,” said UWO Provost John Koker.

On average at UW System’s 13 universities, 85% of undergraduate classes are being held in person—80% fully in person and 5% hybrid with a substantial and required face-to-face component with some portion online.

“Every student I talk to wants to be back in class, and that’s where they belong,” Thompson said. “There is so much enthusiasm on the campuses I’ve visited this fall. I thank the staff, faculty and administrators for making that happen and meeting this goal while also prioritizing student and employee health and safety.”

Universities routinely provide fully online course offerings in addition to in-person courses. A university’s exact percentage of in-person courses corresponds to its programs, missions and goals.

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