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UMC Advisory Group

In 2017 an advisory group for University Marketing and Communications was formed to represent campus needs and advise on key performance indicators for marketing department of UW Oshkosh. This will be an advisory group of people selected because of their expertise and commitment to work together toward common goals as they hold themselves mutually accountable.

Agendas and Minutes


  • Faculty Senate – Jennifer Considine, Gabe Loiacono
  • Academic Staff Senate – Justine Stokes, Andy Radig
  • University Staff Senate – Shirin Skifstad, Becky Beahm
  • Oshkosh Student Association (OSA) – will appoint in fall
  • Chancellor’s Office – Kate McQuillan
  • Academic Affairs – Carmen Faymonville
  • Administrative Services – Brian Klinger
  • Admissions – Paul Gedlinski
  • Advancement– Barbara Beuscher
  • Alumni Board of Directors – Matt Eldred, Prospera Credit Union
  • Athletics – Darryl Sims
  • College of Letters and Science – Danielle Kvam, Communications
  • College of Business – Barb Rau
  • College of Education and Human Services – Elizabeth Alderton
  • College of Nursing – will appoint in the fall
  • Dean of Students – Art Munin
  • Graduate Studies – Greg Wypiszynski
  • Honors College – Larry Carlin
  • Information Technology – Mark Clements
  • Online Learning and Continuing Education – Charlie Hill
  • Residence Life – Liz Morrell
  • Reeve Union – Kelly Kramp
  • Student Affairs – Jean Kwaterski
  • Two external experts – Amy Albright (YMCA)
  • Ex-Officio – Assistant Chancellor, UMC – Jamie Ceman

Responsibilities and Accountability

  • Establish and advise on key performance indicators, allowing for clear measurement and reporting of success. Monitor the KPI reports annually.
  • Serve as advisors the UMC staff members who are responsible for the development and execution of an integrated marketing communications model at UW Oshkosh.
  • Ensure that the Web presence reflects the University’s integrated marketing and communication plan in relation to recruitment, retention, engagement and service functions and supports the educational mission of the institution. Support and champion the web policy for the University.
  • Remove obstacles to the practice of a more integrated and strategic model of marketing and communications.
  • Make recommendations regarding exceptions and special circumstances to the campus branding standards.
  • Ensure the outlined recommendations and benefits of the Chancellor’s Study Group on Integrated Marketing Communications are realized in full.
  • Recommend resolutions to issues that impede progress.
  • Champion integrated marketing communications across campus through education and culture change.
  • Support and facilitate a forum for addressing campus concerns regarding issues related to web presence, brand standards and other coordinated communication efforts, escalating issues that need leadership resolution through the use of Leadership Council or Chancellor’s Cabinet.

Full UMC Advisory Group Charge

This advisory group is charged with representing the campus voice in the strategy and direction of our campus marketing and communications initiatives. The advisory group will help position this university in both the short term and long term with integrated marketing communication strategies to enhance the image and visibility of UW Oshkosh and to drive institutional priorities that relate to recruitment, retention, outreach and service. The success of our future marketing and communications efforts will be contingent on the participation of the campus community. Their voice must be actively involved in planning and execution of our strategies, and this advisory group will ensure that. This advisory group will also serve as a platform for accountability in which the performance of the central efforts will be measured.

As the new, integrated model of communications is adopted, the Advisory Group provides support and guidance to the University Marketing and Communications department responsible for the continued delivery of outcomes and associated business benefits. As such, the Advisory Group is responsible for overseeing implementation of the campus marketing vision including: establishing strategic goals, supporting the UMC staff regarding definition and measurement of success, championing the practice of integrated marketing communications across campus, securing resources, and resolving issues that impede progress.

Steering Committee Charge

The steering committee is a subset of the overall UMC Advisory Group and is primarily responsible for leading the UMC Advisory Group and working with the CCO and UMC representatives to resolve problems and manage the advisory process. The steering committee is charged as an independent monitor of the key performance indicators (KPIs) for UMC, providing independent analysis of the strategy and work of UMC. This group shall – in collaboration with UMC and the Advisory Council – set KPIs, monitor their progress, and report annually to the campus community about the campus’ integrated model of communications carried out by UMC. It shall also provide a locus for faculty and staff to bring comments and concerns about marketing.

Steering Committee Membership

  1. One voting member appointed by Faculty Senate
  2. One voting member appointed by Senate of Academic Staff
  3. One voting members appointed by University Staff Senate
  4. One voting members appointed by Oshkosh Student Association
  5. 4 representatives chosen by UMC Advisory Council
  6. Non-voting attendees include the CCO, UMC Directors, and UMC staff as needed
  7. Chaired by voting member, selected by UMC Advisory Council

Steering Committee is responsible for:

  • Working with UMC to prepare annual key performance indicators (KPI) in consultation with Advisory Group and campus constituents.
  • Providing an opportunity for feedback from units on campus that have praise or concerns for the activities of UMC.
  • Reporting annually (or more often) to Advisory Group, shared governance organizations, and Chancellor on fulfillment of KPIs.
  • Assure transparency of process.
  • Assure relevant input from shared governance and constituents across campus.
  • Convene and chair advisory committee.
  • Working meetings with action assignments.
  • Inform UMC of needs and requests from constituents.
  • Provide input on issues, priorities, and conflicting requirements.
  • Monitor performance metrics and advise UMC on needed improvements.
  • Convene and chair advisory committee.
  • Disseminate information to the advisory committee.
  • Write annual evaluation report on UMC performance.
  • Hear and address issues of concern brought by individuals.

Chair and Steering Committee

The chair of the UMC Advisory Group will be elected from among the group membership. Chairs will serve for a term of one year, based on the calendar year. Elections for the chair position will take place in December of each year.

Seven members from the advisory group will also be selected by the group to serve as a steering committee. The steering committee will meet independently of the quarterly Advisory Group meeting to review metrics from UMC and to gather feedback and questions. The chair of the steering committee is also the chair of the full UMC Advisory Committee.

Membership Requirements and Qualifications

  • Members can accurately represent the needs of their constituency to the group.
  • Members can understand how changes to the campus marketing and communications will impact their constituency.
  • All team members will be expected to serve for a minimum of two years unless noted. The two-year term will be based on the academic year.


The Steering Committee shall meet monthly, or as necessary.  The UMC Advisory Group shall meet 4 times per year or as needed and must be attended, or a delegate should be sent on their behalf.