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Brand 101

A brand is how others perceive your organization. It’s what comes to mind when people hear “UW Oshkosh.”

At best, an organization can help shape those perceptions through consistent messaging and visual identity. Through effective storytelling and a clear identity communicated broadly, our brand can evolve and include elements the we want to be known for.

This section outlines what sets UW Oshkosh apart. The more consistently we communicate this, the more likely we are to shape people’s view of us as a university.

Great brands don’t just happen

Strong brands are built on clear positioning and great storytelling. They are built over time, leveraging resources and talent for efficient and consistent expression of identity and value.

Our brand can help shape the perceptions our stakeholders have of us and differentiate us from other 4,000 higher education institutions in the United States. Our brand equity is the power of our name and reputation to attract students, talent, funding, to maximize our impact and to remain competitive.