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University Wordmark Guidelines

The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh wordmark uses the Avenir font, one that is both strong (conveying the University’s excellence, heritage and solid foundation) and contemporary (conveying innovation, change, possibility and opportunity).

The graphic element in the wordmark that resembles a tilde, or “eyebrow,” connotes movement, flow and – with its upward turn at the end – progress.

A wordmark has been developed for UW Oshkosh, to support and strengthen the University’s brand. As such, the University has retired all previous versions of the wordmark to help the institution portray a consistent image.

The new wordmark must not be modified except as provided for in these guidelines.


The wordmark is the primary identifier of the University and, with few exceptions, should appear on all official documents.

There are two approved versions of the wordmark – vertical and horizontal – as shown below. The vertical is the preferred version, but design considerations should take precedence in your usage decisions.

vertical wordmark usage

horizontal wordmark usage





0.25″ clear space on all sides


The preferred size for the vertical wordmark in any standard printed document:

vertical wordmark recommended height

Recommended height 1″ with 0.25″ clear space on all sides

vertical wordmark minimum height

Minimum height 0.5″


The preferred size for the horizontal wordmark in any standard printed document:

horizontal wordmark recmmended height

Recommended height 0.6″ with 0.25″ clear space on all sides

horizontal minimum height

Minimum height 0.35″

When using the wordmark, it should be in proportion to the size of the piece on which it will appear. For example, using the wordmark at its minimum 0.5″ height on an 11″ x 17″ poster is not in proportion to the piece, as the wordmark would not be readily visible.  



The standard colors of the wordmark are: UWO Wordmark

UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN [40% Black, Hex #999999]

Wave [PMS 123C, CMYK 0/18/100/0, Hex #ffcc00]

OSHKOSH [100% Black, Hex #000000]



Where production or design considerations require it, the wordmark may also be represented entirely in black or entirely reversed out:

all black logo

reverse logo horizontal

In some circumstances (e.g., one-color printing), the wordmark may appear in a single, solid color, as shown below.

single color logo

gold logo


To ensure consistency across the University, the wordmark must not be modified in any way, except as outlined on the previous pages. Shown below are a few examples of wordmark misuse.

colored logoaltered logo

no contrast logoangeled logo

added elements logo

new fonts logo

transparent logo

stretched logo




The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is comprised of many different colleges, departments, units and programs, and in some cases, it is important for them to have a strong individual identity.

At the same time, it is essential for each to leverage the identity of the University in order to benefit fully from the connection to this highly respected, comprehensive institution. The strength of the whole lends strength to the individual parts

University Marketing & Communications will work closely with  departments, units or programs on the development of sub-brands.

For each of the University’s four colleges, a version of the wordmark has been developed.


Marketing Awards

The UW Oshkosh University Marketing and Communications is an award-winning team with more than 25 awards in the higher education and marketing industries. View our a list of our awards.

Addy Award