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Email Signature

A well designed email signature conveys professionalism and serves as a promotion opportunity for you and the University. Below are some guidelines and a sample template that you can use when creating your signature. It is not required that you use the template, but doing so will help to establish a cohesive University brand.

Signature guidelines

  • Set the font formatting to 9 point Arial.
  • Include a horizontal campus lettermark, name, title, department/unit, campus location, office location, phone number and email address. Feel free to include additional information (fax, cell, etc.) if needed.
  • Download campus lettermarks sized specifically for email signatures below. When placing the lettermark in your signature, use the “Insert Picture Inline” function.

When complete, your branded email signature should look similar to the sample below.

When you are finished, be sure to click Save to commit your changes. You will see your newly edited signature at the bottom of the next new email you create.