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“What’s the difference between a brand and a campaign? And which one do I need?”

We hear these two questions all the time from the campus community.

The brand and the campaign are both essential to our marketing efforts, for different reasons. Let’s strip away the jargon and start with some general definitions.

The Brand centers on the visual identity and messaging.

The brand platform is essentially the nuts and bolts of how we communicate UW Oshkosh including our key messaging, logo, colors and fonts. It focuses on who we are and what sets us apart. Its scope should be comprehensive and long-lasting (years), and it should consider everyone you come in contact with, internally and externally. And because it links back to our university’s mission, a brand can become a powerful tool for making decisions and changing perceptions with all stakeholders and audiences.

Campaigns are specific for an audience.

A campaign platform, on the other hand, takes our brand platform and leverages it in a way that resonates with a particular audience. Campaigns tend to be shorter-term initiatives (often less than a 5 years) that promote a specific area of campus. And the goal and audience are both narrower, too: you’re looking to recruit undergraduate students, or recruit graduate students, or generate pride in our Titan athletes.

Active campaigns for UW Oshkosh are:

League of Titans


League of Titans Recruitment Postcard

UW Oshkosh Titan Athletics introduced the League of Titans in 2016. This membership organization is engaging alumni, community and campus to support our student athletes. With a fundraising component, this new organization is driving the funds needed to supplement the Athletics budget while building a greater connection to UWO.

Learn more about the League of Titans.

Titans Are – Undergraduate Admissions


UW Oshkosh Office of Undergraduate Admission and the University Marketing and Communications engaged in a market research project to define the new campaign to drive traditional undergraduate recruitment. This campaign includes billboards, television, radio and extensive online advertising. Launched August 2016 .

Learn more about the Titans Are campaign

Achieve More – Graduate Studies Campaign


UW Oshkosh graduate programs launched a comprehensive campaign to raise awareness of UWO as a graduate degree granting institution. A marketing study found a overall lack of awareness in our region for graduate-level programs. This campaign launched in 2013 and is an active campaign leveraging billboards and extensive online advertising.

Learn more about Graduate Studies.

UW Oshkosh MBA Program


UW Oshkosh MBA program has a very unique target audience and a great deal of competition in our region and state. The new MBA campaign leverages the Graduate Studies “Achieve More” campaign in a way that resonates with their specific demographic. This campaign leverages billboards, print and extensive online advertising to recruit students to both the traditional and executive-path MBA programs.   Learn more about the MBA Program