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Media Relations Tools

Media interviewing CON Dean Leslie Neal-BoylanUniversity Marketing and Communications provides a strategic commitment to promote the many and diverse activities, talents, accomplishments and news related to the institution’s mission.

The news teams works with various colleges, programs and units to invite media to campus for stories and events that are likely to attract the attention of reporters.

While a result of these efforts might sometimes help to market a specific program, the primary purpose is not to fill seats, but rather to raise awareness.

Typically, when a reporter covers an event, the likely result usually does not run until after the event. Event organizers who wish to market a program should use direct marketing, advertising or other methods to attract participants. Media relations efforts such as news releases and calendar items are ineffective at attracting significant participants.

UW Oshkosh Today

uwo-todayUW Oshkosh Today serves as an all-in-one portal for anyone looking for institutional news, campus events and features about the individuals who make the University such a dynamic place to learn, work and live.

UW Oshkosh Today gives its readers the chance to submit their own stories and calendar entries.

News Releases

News releases about UW Oshkosh activities are issued for items with potential to generate news stories or features. Other best practice media relations tools include media alerts, calendar announcements about upcoming events and story pitches by phone or email to reporters working on breaking news stories and features. Often stories are pitched without the use of a news release because of relationships the news team has developed with reporters.

With special emphasis placed on increasing national visibility and showcasing faculty, issues and events selected for promotion are based on newsworthiness, timeliness and the mission priorities for UW Oshkosh. Please submit a story idea here.

Media Pitches

University Marketing and Communications is eager to hear your story ideas. We will pitch stories that are most likely to generate media interest.

Some examples of stories that are likely to succeed include:

  • Stories with national scope or impact.
  • Stories that are unique/human interest.
  • Compelling stories with news/feature undertones.

Faculty Experts

University Marketing and Communications actively promotes our faculty as experts in their fields by pitching them as sources to a variety of media outlets. A searchable database is under development.

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