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University Marketing and Communications acts as an in-house creative agency for departments, colleges and programs. Marketing provides development and production of top-quality digital and print communications that effectively convey the University brand.

We are your marketing department—let us help you develop engaging websites and cost-effective print publications and collateral pieces for your department or college.


Are you planning an event? UMC can help you reach your target audience through marketing.


UMC can help you in all aspects of digital marketing—websites, campus visions slides, digital signs and social media.

Printed Materials

UMC can develop a plan for printed materials that will effectively market your college or department.

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University Marketing and Communications offers many digital marketing services from web to social media.

Printed Materials

The University Marketing and Communications team can assist you with your printed materials—such as brochures, flyers, postcards and posters. Click here to request a project.

An integrated marketing communications approach

Following an integrated approach, the University Marketing and Communications team leads the University’s top-level institutional messaging and branding efforts, including strategy, development and implementation across traditional and new media.

The team also serves in a consulting role to assist colleges, departments and programs with creating top-quality materials and developing effective marketing strategies.

The University Marketing and Communications team’s marketing efforts range from traditional advertising and promotional pieces to email invitations and strong online messaging.