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University Studies Program

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
800 Algoma Boulevard
Oshkosh, WI 54901

Pollock House
765 Algoma Boulevard

Pollock House, USP & CETL offices have reduced summer hours.  Due to staff availability, the building will be closed periodically from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  Please leave a message by phone or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Memorial Day, Monday, May 28
Independence Day, Wednesday, July 4
Labor Day, Monday, September 3

(920) 424-1257

The historic Pollock House may be used by small groups for meetings and events. Learn more about reserving the Pollock House.


Meet the USP Staff

Gabe Loiacono, Ph.D.

USP Director/Associate Professor of History
(920) 424-3416

About Gabe

Come to Gabe with any questions, critiques, or problems with our overall program or professional development. We’re open to your comments and ideas — after all, the USP was designed to evolve with our needs. When Gabe is not in Pollock House, you’ll find him in his office in the Department of History in Sage 3615.
Ken Price, Ph.D.

USP Associate Director for Instruction/Professor of Mathematics

(920) 424-4233

About Ken

Ken is a resource for Quest and Explore course instructors on all aspects of the USP. Ken actively assesses these instructors’ needs during the semester and assists in planning and creating professional development opportunities for them. When Ken is not in Pollock House, you’ll find him in his Mathematics Department office, Swart 239.
Debbie Gray Patton, M.A.
USP Associate Director for Student Success
(920) 424-1402

About Debbie

Seek Debbie’s help when you have questions or concerns about your Peer Mentor, if you have course scheduling issues or requests, student registration and add/drop issues for Quest courses, or you need assistance or information about USP 200.
Mike Lueder, M.Ed.

USP Assistant Director for Civic Engagement
(920) 424-4231

About Mike

Mike is the master of all things related to Quest III. Call on him if you have questions about Quest III community partners, alumni mentors, or logistical issues. He’s well-versed in the expectations for everyone involved in Quest III.
Susan Fojtik

USP/CETL Administrator
(920) 424-1257

About Susan

Sue organizes and helps publicize USP (and CETL) events.  She manages our USP email and ensures it gets prompt responses.  Sue is the voice you’ll hear when you call our main line (920-424-1257) and is also the one who keeps track of the (piles and piles and piles) of paperwork for us.
Mary Chapin

USP Course Scheduling & Financial Specialist
(920) 424-4169

About Mary

Mary keeps track of courses that have been approved for USP and helps to ensure the course offerings make sense for our students. She’s also the person to contact if you want to use Pollock House for an event (which we encourage you to do!).
Grace Lim, M.S.

USP Storyteller
(920) 424-0364

Council Members

Vacant, Associate Vice Chancellor for Curricular Affairs & Student Academic Achievement

Samantha Looker (English), Director for First-Year Writing (WBIS)

Douglas Roubidoux (Communication), Coordinator for Comm 111

Aaron Dunckel (English), Coordinator for Connect (Advanced Composition)

Jordan Landry (English), Faculty Coordinator, Intercultural Knowledge Signature Question

Jim Feldman (Environmental Studies), Faculty Coordinator, Sustainability Signature Question

Paul Van Auken (Sociology), Faculty Coordinator, Civic Learning Signature Question

Karl Boehler (English), Quest I Faculty Representative

Robert Wagoner (Philosophy), Quest II Faculty Representative

Stephanie de Montigny (Anthropology), Quest III Faculty Representative

Stewart Cole (English), USP Council on Culture Representative

Robert Hinrichs (Communication), USP Council on Culture Representative

Monika Hohbein-Deegen (German), USP Council on Culture Representative

Jennifer Christus (Chemistry), USP Council on Nature Representative

Jen Wenner (Geology), USP Council on Nature Representative

Michael Jasinski (Political Science), USP Council on Society Representative

Jim Koch (Psychology), USP Council on Society Representative

Representatives to the Council

Jenny Schuttlefeld Christus, Nature

Bob Hinrichs, Culture

Monika Hohbein-Deegen, Culture

Stewart Cole, Culture

Michael Jasinski, Society   

Jim Koch, Society 

Ann Kunkle-Jones, The Honors College

Alex McCarville, Oshkosh Student Association


Core Team

Gabe Loiacono, Director / Associate Professor of History

Ken Price, Associate Director / Professor of Mathematics

Debbie Gray Patton, Assistant Director

Mike Lueder, Civic Engagement Coordinator

Grace Lim, Storyteller

Susan Fojtik, Administrator

Mary Chapin, Course Scheduling & Financial Specialist


Former USP Directors

Tracy Slagter (Political Science) 2014-2016

Lori Carrell (Communications) 2012-2014



Pollock House
765 Algoma Boulevard
Oshkosh, WI 54901

(920) 424-1257