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USS Executive Board (2020-2021)

Summer 2020 – Acting President: Lisa Goetsch

Fall 2020 – Incoming President: Jessica Kleier

The 2020-2021 Executive Committee Board will be determined during the Fall of 2020. The elections were unable to be determined with so many Senators on Furlough last Spring.

TBD, President-Elect

TBD, Past President

TBD, Treasurer

TBD, Member-at-Large

TBD, Member-at-Large

TBD, Member-at-Large (FDL)

TBD, Member-at-Large (FOX)

University Staff involvement on university committees has been increasing and we are grateful for your willingness to serve as you give your time and talents to campus life.

We would like to encourage you to join your coworkers in serving on a university committee.

Volunteering on a committee has its benefits!

  • Sharing your talents and expertise
  • Meeting, connecting with, and getting to know other staff
  • Getting to know our campus better
  • Making UW Oshkosh a better place to work

A USS member can help answer your questions

  • What will I be expected to do?
  • How much time will it take?
  • How often does the committee meet?
  • Must I have my supervisor’s approval to serve on the committee?

If you would like to learn more about the various committees that need volunteers or to learn more about volunteering, please contact us.

USS Committees

Several committees work together to make University Staff Professional Development Day (USPDD) a success year after year. If you have any questions about, or for a committee, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the members. If you would like to volunteer on one of the committees, please fill out this form.

Our committees are listed below with the current chair of the committee hi-lighted.

Sue Jaeke, Chair (
Renee Anderson (
Lisa Goetsch (
Georgia Hetue (
Julia Hodgen (
Jenny Hoerth (
Jessica Kleier (
Linda Koon (
Jennifer Leichtfuss (
David Miles (
Kristina Mosley (
Anne Murphy (
Kristy Newton (
Shawn Stephany (

Kristina Mosley, Chair (
David Miles (

Linda Koon, Chair (
Lisa Goetsch (
Julia Hodgen (
Jess Kleier (

Anne Murphy, Co-Chair (
Kristy Newton, Co-Chair (
Renee Anderson (
Amy Hardy (
Jenny Krautsch (