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Women and Science Program

UW Oshkosh Campus
Halsey Science Center Room 121

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the UW System Women and Science Program is accepting visitors by appointment only. Please email if you need to schedule an appointment.

Phone: (920) 424-7414

Faculty Grant Opportunites

Participants in the Opening Workshop for STEM Educators are invited to submit a proposal for a summer grant. These grants are intended to support the efforts of UW System faculty to incorporate gender-friendly student-active pedagogies into one of their courses.

2020 Curriculum Reform Grant Application

(2020 applications will be available following the 2019 Opening Workshop)


 Grant Award Objective

  • Priority will be granted to course redesign projects that meet the mission of the UW System Women and Science Program.


  • Attended the October 2019 Opening Workshop for New STEM Educators. Priority will be given to educators new to the UW System.
  • Will be able to complete the curriculum revision project over the Summer 2019 term.
  • Will be able to disseminate the results of your project at a WaS Program event (i.e. Opening Workshop or Spring Conference).
  • Must be an employee of UW System for the 2020-2021 AY.


  • Proposal Form will be sent to Opening Workshop attendees and must be completed, including a one-to-two page project
  • Deadline is December 6, 2019
  • Grant award is $1000.
  • Up to two awards will be funded following a review process conducted by a committee formed from the WaS Program Advisory Board which has representatives from all UW System Institutions.
  • The grant is awarded as salary disbursement to your payroll account. Half of the grant is awarded as 2020 summer salary ($500), with the remainder dispersed following an August 16, 2020 progress report.
  • This grant is paid from the UW System WaS Program 102 Fund. Please follow your campus process for grant submission.

Selection Criteria

  • Significance of the proposed course reform to impact classroom climate, improve student learning, and incorporate best practices.
  • Proposal should demonstrate a plan that is a reasonable amount of work to be accomplished by the summer report deadline.
  • A detailed plan for assessment on the effectiveness of course revisions.
  • A dissemination plan is provided which agrees to (at a minimum) report results and outcomes at a WaS Event.
  • Campus location – attempts will be made to support educators on different campuses.
2019 Summer Grant Recipients
  • Brian Teague, UW Stout: “College Cell Molecular Biology 1 (BIO 136)”
  • Youngmi Kim, UW River Falls: “Food and Process Engineering 1 (AGEN 352)”
2018 Summer Grant Recipients
  • Whitney George Dregne, UW La Crosse: “Mathematics for Decision Making (MTH 123)”
  • Sarah Orlofske, UW Stevens Point: “Animal Parasitology (BIOL 362)”
2017 Summer Grant Recipients
  • Andrea Romero, UW Whitewater: “Introduction to Biology (BIO 141 Labs)
  • Angela Kita, UW Madison: “Biomoleculuar Chemistry 504: Human Biochemistry Lab
2016 Summer Grant Recipients
  • Sarah Jane Alger, UW Stevens Point: “Animal Physiology (BIO 381)”
  • William Dirienzo, UW Sheboygan and Colleges On-line: “University Physics 1 (PHY 201)”
2015 Summer Grant Recipients
  • Melissa Hage, UW Baraboo-Sauk County, “GLG 102: Historical Geology”.
  • Jessica Orlofske, UW-Parkside, “Biostatistics (BIOS 210)”.
2014 Summer Grant Recipients
  • Evan Larson, UW-Platteville, “Geography 1040: Planet Earth”.
  • Ozgur Yavucetin, UW-Whitewater, “Physics 130: Physics Foundations”.
2013 Summer Grant Recipients
  • Balamurugan Pandiyan, UW-Whitewater, “Math 143”.
  • Bradley Peterson, UW Collegegs – Barron County, “Physics 201: University Physics and Physics 141: College Physics”.
2012 Summer Grant Recipients
  • Andrew Shears, UW-Fox Valley Department of Geography, “GEO 125: Physical Geography”.
  • Rose Theisen, UW-Eau CLaire, “CHEM 103: General Chemistry”.
2011 Summer Grant Recipients
  • Amanda Hakemian, UW-Marshfield/Wood County Department of Chemistry,“CHE125 Introduction to Chemistry“.
  • Matthew Kuchta, UW-Stout Department of Physics, “Phys258 Introduction to Geology”.
2010 Summer Grant Recipients
  • Arlene Haffa, UW Oshkosh Department of Chemistry, “CHEM 304: Biochemistry Clinical Emphasis-Laboratory”.
  • Tera Montgomery, UW Platteville School of Agriculture, “AGSCI 2020: Introduction to Dairy Science”.
2009 Summer Grant Recipients
  • Jodi Olmsted, UW Stevens Point Department of Health Sciences, “HS 105: Survey of Common Diseases”.
  • Tsunghhsueh Wu, UW Platteville Department of Chemistry & Engineering Physics,“CHEM 2150: Quantitative Analysis”.