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Additional Workshops Supporting Women in STEM

Bystander Intervention Training

This interactive workshop describes academic practices and institutional structures that allow for abuses of power and exclusionary behaviors to persist, discusses initiatives to address harassment, bullying and discrimination as scientific misconduct, and provides training in personal and community intervention strategies to interrupt and reduce the harm of these behaviors. With a grant from the National Science Foundation ADVANCE program, a primary goal of the project is to improve workplace climate conditions by developing bystander intervention education for department heads, chairs, faculty and grad students to appropriately respond to and prevent sexual and other types of harassment and bullying in research environments.

Contact our office if you are interested in scheduling a workshop.

CETL Online Workshops

Online Labs?!?! Is that Possible?

Keeping Your Students Engaged: Active Learning in the Online Classroom

UW System Women and Science Program

UW Oshkosh Campus
Halsey Science Center, Room 121
(920) 424-7414

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the UW System Women and Science Program is accepting visitors by appointment only. Please email if you need to schedule an appointment.