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Attach a File to Your Appointment

We ask that you please upload your assignment directions and draft (if you have one) to your appointment so that if we have time, we can review them before you arrive. It’s also helpful in case you forget to bring them with you to your appointment! Additionally, if you have scheduled a face-to-face appointment, have a draft and assignment directions, and miss your appointment, we can still provide you feedback via eTutoring instead.

To attach a file to your appointment, log in to WCONLINE (where you made your appointment) and click on the yellow folder icon near the top of the page, underneath where it says “WELCOME.”

Attach a File

Click the yellow folder icon to attach a file to your appointment.

The drop down list that appears should default to your next appointment. Click “browse” and select the file you’d like to upload. If you want, you can give the document a title; otherwise, it will just call your document “document 1.” Remember to attach both your draft and assignment directions (if applicable) to the appointment.