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We will be back with regular scheduled hours for Fall 2022, starting Wednesday, September 7. Until then, you can request an online or in person session by email. 

email us:


Preparing for Your SessionTheWritingCenterHelpsWithPresentations

  • Upload your assignment directions and draft (if you have them)
  • If you prefer working on a printed copy of your paper, please bring that with you
  • Think about specific questions or areas of the paper you’d like to focus on (especially if you have a longer paper)

What to Expect

  • Your writing coach will log you in when you arrive
  • Your writing coach will ask you a few questions to see where you’re at in the writing process
  • You may be asked to read your paper (or part of it) aloud
  • The writing coach may take notes for you throughout the session
  • The writing coach may ask questions, make suggestions, or provide you with additional information to help you finish or improve your paper
  • Toward the end of the session, the writing coach will ask you if you have any final questions
  • Then, the writing coach may help you develop a plan of attack for getting done everything you discussed
  • You will be logged out and possibly asked if you would like to make any future appointments right away
  • You will be emailed a survey to let us know how we did. Your response is encouraged, but will be anonymous to the writing coach

Scheduling a Face-to-Face Appointment

Follow this link to watch a video about how to schedule an appointment!

The default appointment type is Face-to-Face, so you don’t need to change anything when you go to create an appointment. “No – Meet Face-to-Face at the Center” should already be selected for you. Your appointment will appear yellow after you click “Save Appointment.”