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Spring 2023 Hours

Sunday: 4PM-8PM
Monday: 9AM-8PM
Tuesday: 9AM-8PM
Wednesday: 9AM-8PM
Thursday: 9AM-8PM
Friday: 9AM-4PM

Sessions after 4PM will be online only unless by request
Closed 3/19-3/25 for Spring Break

No one is ever finished becoming a better writer.
Getting feedback is part of everyone’s writing process.


The Writing Center’s mission is to . . .

  • Provide free, one-to-one sessions for writers of any level of expertise and in any discipline
  • Assist writers at any stage of the writing process for any assignment or project
  • Provide a comfortable, friendly, nonjudgmental place to explore and develop ideas
  • Help writers become better critical thinkers through collaborative learning
  • Recognize that writers must take full authority over their own writing
  • Support writers from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of experiences
  • Respond to individual writers’ needs

We can help you . . .

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Cite your sources correctly
  • Improve your writing process
  • Learn and apply grammatical rules
  • Prepare for speeches and presentations
  • Organize and coherently express your ideas
  • Learn skills you need to edit and proofread your work
  • Evaluate how well your paper follows the assignment directions