Research carried out by chemistry majors and faculty presented at the 28th annual Celebration of Scholarship and Creative Activity:

Daniel Obi and Dr. Paulson, “Combination of pro apoptotic drugs plus mild hyperthermia to induce programmed cell death in interphase cells”

Dorothy Mitchell and Dr. Kedrowski, “Development of a Polymer Recycling Experiment for the Undergraduate Laboratory”

Elias Flor Martinez, Doua Xiong, and Dr. Waters, “Subcellular Localization Of MntS And Its Interaction With MntP In Manganese Homeostasis Of E.coli”

Kalista Paszczak and Dr. Waters, “An Exploration of the Relationship Between the Small Protein MntS and the MntP Export Protein Regarding Manganese Homeostasis in Escherichia coli”

Mia VanHooreweghe and Dr. Chan, “Schistosome nAchRs as Novel Anti-Parasitic Drug Targets”

Patrick McManus and Dr. Stojilovic, “Using Nanofibers to Make Ultra Fine Grained 7075 Aluminum”