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Geography 104: World Regional Geography (102)

Are you interested in other places? Do you appreciate cultural diversity? Are you concerned about human rights abuses and conflicts? Do you think about the reasons for economic disparities in the world? Are you worried about environmental degradation? These are some of the topics geographers are interested in. In regional geography we study the physical, socio-cultural, economic, political, and environmental characteristics of different world regions. While we will explore these five themes for all world regions, we will study one or two of these issues for each region in depth. At the end of this class, you will have good background knowledge about the diverse ways in which people live their lives and the most important issues shaping people’s experiences all over the world.   My role in this course is to guide you through this whirlwind tour of the world. I will help you work through the large amount of material covered in this class by providing you with structured lectures, leading discussions on in-depth case studies, and helping you visualize these issues by showing maps, photos, and videos. However, I cannot simply pour knowledge into your heads. Rather, you have to actively engage with the material and claim your own education. I look forward to working with you! ← Full Course List