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IACUC Meeting

July 1, 2021 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

IACUC Meeting


12:00 pm

Video Conference Call


UW Oshkosh Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee Meeting
July 1, 2021 – 12:00 PM –Microsoft Teams Meeting
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+1 608-440-8168, Conference ID: 748880445#

Current IACUC Members (11 voting members) Quorum=6
Colin Long, Associate Dean COLS, IACUC Chair
Peter Gasper, Attending Campus Veterinarian
M. Elsbeth McPhee, Scientist, Environmental Studies
Courtney Kurtz, Scientist, Biology
John Scheelk, Retired Cartographer, Nonaffiliated
Stephanie Spehar, Scientist, Anthropology, Global Religions, and Cultures
James Koch, Scientist, Psychology
Michael Jasinkski, Nonscientist, Political Science
Kelly Schill, IACUC Administrator, Sponsored Programs/Risk & Safety
Sara Hagedorn, Laboratory Animal Manager, Biology
Jaide Gavinski, Student, Animal Care Staff

Alternate IACUC Members
Sheldon Cooper, Scientist, Biology

Animal Care and Use Program Key Personnel
John Koker, Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Institutional Official for Research
Colin Long, IACUC Chair, Associate Dean of College of Letters and Science
Peter Gasper, Attending Veterinarian, One Medicine LLC
Kelly Schill, IACUC Administrator, Sponsored Programs/Risk & Safety
Sara Hagedorn, Laboratory Animal Manager, Biology


I. Meeting called to order at ____________ (Chair Long).
II. Attendance and Confirmation of Quorum
III. Approval of Minutes from May 19, 2021
IV. Training Updates (Hagedorn)
a. Animal Care Training since last meeting:
b. Respirator Fit-Testing since last meeting:
V. Animal Facility/Maintenance Updates (Hagedorn)
a. Update on Cagewashers
VI. Occupational/Environmental Health and Safety: (Schill/Welch)
a. EH&S Committee: A draft of the Working in Isolation Policy was discussed a the May 11th meeting. Edits were suggested to increase the clarity of the document. A final draft of the policy will be considered at the September/October EHS meeting and if approved, it will be sent through UWO’s policy process.
b. Lab Shop Studio Safety (LSSST): Last meeting was held April 29th. UWO is looking into a new chemical inventory system.
c. Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC): Biosafety cabinets (BSCs) and the HEPA-filtered bedding dump station in CACF were certified June 8th-9th.
d. The service provider for cage washers and sterilizers will switch from Washer Solutions to BioTech Services.
VII. Old Business (0)
VIII. New Business
a. Animal Use Protocols
i. Annual Continuing Reviews Since Last Meeting: (1) (Note: IACUC designates these reviews to IACUC Administrator Schill. Continuing review documents are available to all IACUC members in the protocol e-file upon request.)
a. (Year 1 and 2) Completed Since Last Meeting (1):
1. Protocol #252-R3 (year 1): Oral tetracycline treatment of Mongolian Gerbils (Meriones unguiculatus) and Golden Hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus) (Michalski): No animals used on protocol in year 1. No modifications requested.
b. Year 3/Project Summary (0)
ii. New Animal Use Protocols (0)
iii. Renewal of Animal Use Protocols (0)
iv. Modification Requests to Animal Use Protocols (0)
b. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) (0) (Hagedorn)
c. Unexpected Event/Problem Reports (0) (Schill)
d. Post-Approval Monitoring (PAM): (0) (Schill)
e. Semi-Annual Program Review and Facility Inspections (when applicable every 6 months): (Schill/Hagedorn)
i. Subcommittee conducted semi-annual facility inspections on June 24, 2021
ii. Program review subcommittee assignments using AAALAC PD:
a. Subcommittee #1 (Schill, Spehar): Section 2. Part I. A. Program Management pg. 8-44
b. Subcommittee #2 (Long, Jasinski): Section 2. Part I. B. Program Oversight pg. 45-65
c. Subcommittee #3 (Kurtz, Gavinski, Koch): Section 2. Part II. Animal Environment, Housing, and Management pg. 66-86
d. Subcommittee #4 (Gasper, McPhee): Section 2. Part III. Veterinary Care pg. 87-109
e. Subcommittee #5 (Hagedorn, Scheelk): Section 2. Part.IV. Physical Plant pg. 110-116
IX. Items from IACUC Administration/Compliance (Schill):
a. In response to the 21st Century Cures Act (21 CCA), the NIH, USDA, and FDA are taking steps to reduce administrative burden associated with animal activities in biomedical research.
i. OLAW announced the launch of its new website dedicated to the 21 Century Cures Act action items, with subpages for each item: 21st Century Cures Act – Animal Care and Use in Research | OLAW ( As action on items is initiated or finalized, pages will be added and updated. On each subpage, as applicable, you can find relevant policies and Laws, Guidance, Resources including FAQs, articles, webinars, and more
b. OLAW has published a new Guide Notice, NOT-OD-21-130, Notice to Encourage Using AAALAC International Program Description Sections to Complete Parts of the OLAW Domestic Animal Welfare Assurance.
i. In response to the 21st Century Cures Act to reduce administrative burden, OLAW is providing information on the option to use sections of the AAALAC International (AAALAC) Program Description (PD) in the OLAW Domestic Animal Welfare Assurance. This Notice provides details about which sections of the AAALAC PD may be used in the Assurance.
ii. Institutions must ensure that all information requested in the Assurance document is provided, including information that is not requested in the AAALAC PD but is required by OLAW.
c. USDA Updates:
i. Webinar: “Attending Veterinarians at Research and Exhibitor Facilities: What You Need to Know” will be held on July 15th.
ii. Upcoming Regulatory Actions: USDA is in the process of developing and/or finalizing two regulatory actions. 1) First, they are developing the proposed regulations for birds. Listening sessions held in late summer and fall of 2020 have helped inform the development of the proposed rule. Further details, including transcripts of the listening sessions, are available on USDA’s website. 2) USDA is also working to issue a proposed rule that would lift the stay on the rule requiring licensed facilities to have contingency plans. Lifting of the stay (and some proposed revisions) will better ensure that entities responsible for animals regulated under the AWA are prepared to safeguard the health and welfare of such animals in the event of possible emergencies or disasters.
iii. The public will have the opportunity to comment on each proposal when they’re published. AC will share information when the rules are published.
X. Items from Chair (Long): Communication sent to IO on 6/10/21 regarding CACF and HACF cage washers
XI. Items from the Veterinarian (Gasper):
XII. Items from the IACUC:
XIII. Items from the floor (guests): Parking inquiries for permit for LAM and reserved parking space in Lot 25 for IACUC/ACF Guests
XIV. Meeting Adjourned at ___________ (Long).

Upcoming Meetings:
a. Fall meeting dates TBD (scheduling)
b. Protocol submission deadlines posted on website under IACUC Meetings tab.

Kelly Schill



July 1, 2021
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm