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University Dining

Welcome to University Dining at UW Oshkosh. You will find delicious, convenient food at several dining locations on campus—all serviced by Aladdin Food & Services Management or the student staff in the Titan Underground. Whether you live on or off campus, UW Oshkosh has options that aim to match culinary favorites and special dietary needs.

This year, all services will reflect the focus on the University’s hybrid instructional model and guidelines for face coverings, physical distancing, hygiene and disinfection. If you plan on dining anywhere on campus, these are key things to remember:

  • Scheduling and planning ahead for eating times and locations – Physical distancing requires us all to work together to plan and adapt when and where we choose to eat. You may have to take food to go and find a good spot to be stationary and eat outdoors, in your room or other open spaces in campus buildings.
  • Mobile ordering – Download GrubHub and get set up in advance for mobile ordering with your TitanCard.
  • Contactless payment – If you don’t have a meal plan, load Titan Dollars onto your TitanCard. This contactless payment is used at many on-campus dining locations. Titan Dollars can be used all year and can be added online without visiting Titan Central.
  • Face coverings – Should only be removed when you are stationary and eating or drinking. 
  • Physical distancing – Each dining location will be adjusted to provide adequate physical distancing in places like waiting in line or sitting to dine. Look for floor, wall and table signage to direct you in each dining location.
  • Washing hands and sanitization – Wash or sanitize your hands before consuming food or beverages. 
  • Health and hygiene – If you are not feeling well, do not come to a dining location. If you are on a meal plan, request a sick meal and we can set up a plan to have a friend pick up a meal.

Aladdin Food & Services Management is working diligently to protect your health and safety, as well as that of its own team members. Aladdin is marking each of its service locations as “Safe Cafés” when they meet the strict standards put in place. Learn more.