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Before you Add or Drop a Course


Academic Considerations

See an advisor in the UARC (SSC 202) to discuss the following before dropping a course:

  • How are you doing in the course? Do you know, with a reasonable amount of certainty, your current grade?
  • Have you talked with your instructor about your grade and ways in which you could improve it?
  • Have you sought extra help through tutoring, supplemental instruction, study groups, etc.?
  • Will dropping the course put you below full-time status?
  • Will dropping this course effect your course options for next semester?
  • Will dropping this course extend your time to graduation?
  • Is it past the drop date?
  • Academic deadlines can be found at:

NOTE: Academic drop deadlines DO NOT MATCH financial aid and refund deadlines.

Financial Aid Considerations

See a financial aid counselor (Dempsey 104) to discuss the following:

  • Do you receive financial aid? Financial Aid includes loans. (If no, skip to section Tuition/Fee Considerations)
  • Will you have to repay any portion of your financial aid?
  • Will dropping the course put you below full-time status? Will adding a course put you above the 18 credit tuition threshold?
  • Do you know your current status as it relates to Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?
  • How will dropping a course affect your SAP status and eligibility for financial aid?
  • Information about SAP can be found at:
  • How will adding a course affect your financial aid?

NOTE: Financial Aid uses the “Census Date” – 10th day of the 14-week term or equivalent.

Tuition/Fee Considerations

See student accounts (Dempsey 232) to discuss the following:

NOTE: Refund deadlines DO NOT MATCH financial aid and academic deadlines.


Closed Class Information

For information, please go to the website of the department for the class for which you are attempting to enroll. If no information is posted on the website, please contact that academic department.



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