Event Sponsorships

Sponsor registration will open in July. If you are interested in claiming a level before the payment system is open please email us at ccoe@uwosh.edu

Presenting Sponsor

Kick off our event right and make an impressive first impression.

Keynote Speaker Sponsorship
$9,000 – 1 sponsor

  • Opportunity to introduce the Keynote Speaker and recognition at speaker event.
  • Name or logo on all promo materials, programs,
  • Recognition on other event signage
  • 4 Event Tickets

Swag Sponsor

Have your logo stay with conference attendees.

Swag Exhibit
$8,000 – 1 sponsor

  • Looking for a partner who wants to stand out for this sponsorship. Name and logo included on all swag.
  • 4 Event Tickets

Table Sponsor

Present your business to a targeted audience.

Premium Exhibit
$3,000 – 17 sponsors

  • You will get a table to place your marketing materials and representatives to speak to attendees.
  • Recognition in all marketing material and at the forum.
  • 2 Event tickets

Student Sponsor

Give the gift of education
to 30 lucky students

$2,500 – 1 Sponsor

  • Logo on the student table.

  • We will gift 30 student tickets on your behalf.

  • Make your mark at the event and have people remember you were there!

Breakfast Sponsor

Start the day right with some recognition!

Student Table
$2,500 – 1 sponsor

  • Name and logo the breakfast bar and program recognition.
  • 2 Event Tickets

Lunch Sponsor

Everyone’s favorite time of the day!

Lunch Sponsor
$5,000 – 2 sponsors

  • Name and logo on lunch table and programs.
  • 2 Event Tickets

Appetizer Sponsor

Get our attendees through the day by providing amazing appetizers.

Appetizer Sponsor
$2,000 – 1 sponsor

  • Name and logo on appetizer table and programs.
  • 2 Event Tickets

Social Hour

Networking is the key to how
we get things done.

$3,000 – 1 sponsor

  • Name and logo on beverage cart(s) and program recognition.
  • 2 Event Tickets

Breakout Sponsor

Contribute to everyones learning by supporting the breakouts.

$500 –  3 sponsors

  • Name and logo on signage at speaker’s room. You can leave marketing materials in the speaker’s room for any of the attendees.
  • 1 Event Ticket


Make us an offer we can’t refuse

Donation of choice

  • Don’t get bogged down by details, tailor a sponsorship to fit your needs. Connect with us and we can discuss the options of your support. 

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