70% Vaccinated

COVID-19 vaccinations and booster shots (as well as flu vaccinations) are now available at Albee Hall on the Oshkosh campus. Learn more about the Albee Hall testing and vaccination center.

Learn about COVID-19 response plans and expectations for the UW Oshkosh community this semester, including mask requirements for all regardless of vaccination status. View the Fall 2021 Frequently Asked Questions.


If you have one or more COVID-19 symptoms or if you have been identified as a close contact, you should schedule a COVID-19 test.


You can receive a free COVID-19 vaccination or booster shot from Advocate Aurora Health or one of many other regional vaccine providers.


View information about tests and positive cases at UW Oshkosh or report a conduct concern related to COVID-19 response protocol.

Contact UWO for more information: | (920) 424-2019 | Question and Feedback Form


Spring edition: Your burning questions about COVID-19 answered

We are headed in the right direction, but cases are still very high and we must be diligent. We expect the University to see an increase in positive cases for the beginning of spring semester as students return. Take steps now to protect yourself. 

Your burning questions about COVID-19 answered

Masks are back for the start of spring semester, testing and vaccination will continue at Albee through spring semester for symptomatic employees and students. Testing is also vailable at Albee for symptomatic immediate household family members of University employees through Jan. 31. 



Learn about actions you can take to help make our UWO community more sustainable, and find resources for introducing these ideas to students and peers, on the SIRT Sustainability and COVID-19 website.

Ergonomics At Home

These resources will guide you through setting up a healthy workstation for working or taking classes at home.

Ergonomics for Telecommuters

Handheld Devices

HEERF Reporting

UW Oshkosh is required to post periodic reports describing the use of funds distributed from the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund.

HEERF Student Aid reports: Report 1 | Report 2 | Report 3Report 4 | Final Report
HEERF Institution Aid reports: Q1 Report | Q2 Report | Final Report

HEERF II Student Aid reports: Q1 Report
HEERF II Institution Aid reports: Q1 Report | Q2 Report

HEERF III Student Aid reports:
Q2 2021 Report
Q3 2021 Report
Q4 2021 Report
Q1 2022 Report

HEERF III Institution Aid reports:
Q3 2021 Report (00392000_HEERF_Q32021_101021)
Q4 2021 Report (00392000_HEERF_Q42021_123121)
Q1 2022 Report (00392000_HEERF_Q12022_033122)