Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

University-wide SOPs

DepartmentStandard Operating Procedure TitleDate Approved
Chancellor's OfficeChancellor's Order on Mask Use to Minimize Spread of COVID-19Effective
Risk and SafetyUse of Face Coverings7/14/2020
Updated 1/7/2021
Risk and SafetyPhysical Distancing Practices7/14/2020
Updated 11/6/2020
Custodial ServicesDisinfecting Practices (Custodial Services–Campus-wide)10/2/2020
COVID ResponseResponse to Positive Cases (Students)8/28/2020
Human ResourcesResponse to Positive Cases (Employees)8/28/2020
PurchasingPurchasing and Distribution of Pandemic Response Supplies8/19/2020
Risk and SafetyDisinfecting Practices (Non-Custodial)7/14/2020
Risk and SafetyHygiene Practices7/14/2020


Other SOPs

DepartmentStandard Operating Procedure TitleDate Approved/Updated
Small Town FC soccer teamSmall Town FC soccer team4/23/2021
Fox Cities CampusUWO, Fox Cities Campus Soccer field4/23/2021
Intercollegiate AthleticsMen's Basketball Banquet4/23/2021
Fond du Lac Soccer AssociationFond du Lac Soccer Association Return to Play Protocols4/23/2021
Reeve UnionBye Gosh Fest – Oshkosh Campus – Reeve Union Board End of Year Event4/21/2021
MusicOutdoor Voice Recital—Javier Roman4/19/2021
Intercollegiate AthleticsAthletics Fundraising Event (UWO Wrestling Corn
Hole Tournament)
Wisconsin Football Coaches Association and Children’s Wisconsin WFCA/Children’s Wisconsin Return to All Star Games4/13/2021
The Honors CollegeThe Honors College Graduation Ceremony4/13/2021
Intercollegiate AthleticsOASD athletic department procedures for using UW Oshkosh Titan Stadium from March 1 – June 30, 20214/9/2021
Intercollegiate AthleticsAthletics Football Recruit Orientation4/6/2021
Intercollegiate AthleticsAthletics Football NFL Draft Party4/6/2021
Fond du Lac Rugby Inc.Fond du Lac Rugby Inc field usage at the Rugby Field on the Fond du Lac campus, UW Oshkosh4/1/2021
Student Recreation and WellnessIce Hockey Sport Club Return to Play Plan4/1/2021
Student Recreation and WellnessRecreation Equipment: Cardio, Strength and Outdoor Expeditions9/11/2020
Updated 4/1/2021
Student Recreation and WellnessStudent Recreation Lifeguard Certification Course4/1/2021
Intercollegiate AthleticsConducting Spring Athletic Events3/9/2021
Intercollegiate AthleticsAthletic Camps Clinics and Events3/9/2021
Radio TV FilmRadio TV Film Showcase Operations (Event)2/26/2021
EnglishPollock House Use - Memorial for Pat Goetz (Event)2/23/2021
Special EventsScheduling Events8/28/2020
Updated 2/12/2021
Student Recreation and WellnessAviatrix – Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Sport Club Return to Play Plan2/11/2021
Student Recreation and WellnessWomen's Volleyball Club Return to Play2/11/2021
Student Recreation and WellnessMen's Volleyball Club Return to Play2/11/2021
Student Recreation and WellnessBowling Club Return to Play Plan2/11/2021
UWO Red Cross Club and the American Red CrossUWO Red Cross Club Blood Drives (Event)2/4/2021
Student Recreation and WellnessCheer and Stunt Sport Club Return to Play Plan2/4/2021
New Student and Family ProgramsTitan Takeoff Oshkosh Campus - New Student Orientation Program (Event)2/2/2021
College of BusinessVITA Program at UW Oshkosh2/2/2021
Student Recreation and WellnessSRWC Spring Indoor Triathlon Event2/2/2021
Radio TV FilmRadio TV Film Department Operations2/2/2021
MusicMusic Department Standard Operating Procedures and Safety Tools2/2/2021
Student Recreation and WellnessSpring Intramural Sports1/28/2021
Intercollegiate AthleticsConducting Athletic Events1/28/2021
Weis Earth Science MuseumWeis Earth Science Museum Safe Opening Plan1/28/2021
Facilities ManagementFacilities Management Surplus Sales1/27/2021
Fox Cities CampusFox Cities Campus Fitness Center1/20/2021
Dining ServicesDining Services8/11/2020
Updated 1/20/2021
Student Recreation and WellnessStudent Recreation Locker Rooms12/2/2020
Student Recreation and WellnessFall Interim Intramural Sports12/1/2020
Intercollegiate AthleticsAthletics General Safety Practices9/3/2020
Updated 10/23/2020
Dining ServicesVending8/19/2020
Updated 10/19/2020
Intercollegiate AthleticsAthletics Misc. 9/3/2020
Updated 10/16/2020
Intercollegiate AthleticsAthletics Sport Modifications9/3/2020
Updated 10/16/2020
Intercollegiate AthleticsAthletics Team Travel9/3/2020
Updated 10/16/2020
Intercollegiate AthleticsAthletics Facilities9/3/2020
Updated 10/16/2020
Intercollegiate AthleticsAthletics Daily Screening Requirements9/3/2020
Updated 10/16/2020
Intercollegiate AthleticsAthletics Preparticipation Medical Assessment9/3/2020
Updated 10/16/2020
Student Recreation and WellnessRecreation Facility Access9/11/2020
Updated 10/14/2020
UARCUARC Phased Return to Campus Plan8/19/2020
Updated 10/14/2020
ASIEASIE Appointments9/17/2020
TheatreTheatre Covid Protocol9/17/2020
MusicMusic Covid Operations Addendum9/17/2020
MusicMusic Department9/17/2020
COVID 19 ComplianceCompliance Reporting Form and Process9/11/2020
Graduate StudiesGraduate Studies Office9/10/2020
ITIT GCA Teaching Labs9/9/2020
ITIT General Computer Access Open Labs9/9/2020
ITIT Department Computer Labs9/9/2020
Women's CenterWomen's Center Fall 2020 Operation Procedures9/4/2020
ITIT Student Technology Center9/4/2020
ITIT Residence Hall Student Support9/4/2020
ITIT One Button Studios9/4/2020
ITIT Help Desk Support9/4/2020
ITIT Device Support9/4/2020
ITIT Classroom Technology Support9/4/2020
Residence LifeUWO Isolation Plan8/28/2020
Updated 9/3/2020
Center for Academic ResourcesCenter for Academic Resources Alert Protection Plans9/1/2020
Online & Continuing EducationOCE-Student Support Services9/1/2020
Reading and Study Skills CenterReading and Study Skills Center TItans Return Campus Plan9/1/2020
Residence LifeResidence Halls Reopening9/1/2020
Solution CenterSolution Center's Return to Campus Plan for Access Campuses8/31/2020
UWO LibrariesUWO Libraries Titans Return Campus Plan8/31/2020
Residence LifeUWO Quarantine Plan8/28/2020
Office of International EducationStudy Abroad/Away & National Student Exchange8/28/2020
Office of International EducationFall 2020 Immigration Advising Protocol8/28/2020
Office of International EducationOIE Early and Late Arrival SOP8/28/2020
Veterans Resource CenterVeterans Resource Center Recovery Implementation Plan8/28/2020
AdvancementCulver Family Welcome Center Operations8/28/2020
Career & Professional DevelopmentCareer & Professional Development General Operations8/28/2020
Registrar's OfficeRegistrar's Office Operations8/28/2020
Career & Professional DevelopmentCareer & Professional Development Career Closet8/28/2020
LGBTQ+ Resource CenterLGBTQ+ Resource Center Operational Plan8/20/2020
Writing CenterWriting Center “Titans Return” Oshkosh Campus Plan8/19/2020
Counseling CenterProvision of Counseling Services8/18/2020
Departments in Campus Center for Equity and DiversityCampus Center for Equity and Diversity (CCED) Building Plan8/18/2020
Accessibility Center (DOS)Provision of Accessibility Services8/17/2020