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ArtsCore, a partnership between the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, the Paine Art Center and Gardens and regional public school districts designed to support pre-service and early career teachers in their efforts to teach in and through the arts, welcomed the MisEducation of HipHop to Reeve Union on the Oshkosh campus this week for a presentation titled Healing and Transforming Through HipHop. MisEducation of HipHop, aka MisEd, is a Chicago music-based youth development nonprofit focused on self-acceptance, healing traumas and dream-building.

The presentation, which was open to UW Oshkosh students and particularly aimed for education majors, was about educators and students being able to bridge cultural differences in order to effectively engage in the classroom. Through the workshop, participants learned to understand the importance of the cypher and the power of the individual in developing a collaborative and unified space.

Artscore The MisEducation of HipHop Sept. 29, 2022

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