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It gives me great pleasure to announce the continuation of the Student Titans Employment Program (STEP) for a second academic year from Aug. 22, 2010, through June 25, 2011. STEP was launched last year to address some of our affordability, quality and workload issues by reinvesting up to $500,000 of additional one-time funds to bolster student wages, stipends and assistantships.

STEP pays for students to engage in educationally purposeful activities and to interact with faculty, academic and classified staff, and peers in substantive ways as student workers. Further details are contained in my memo of Sept. 8, 2009, announcing the STEP program:

Allocations for STEP Year 2 will remain the same as last year. Work study students are eligible for STEP positions so long as they augment and do not replace existing work study positions. Procedures for hiring STEP students in Year 2 have been adjusted to make STEP more inclusive of minority and underserved students on campus and to ensure that STEP positions provide high-impact educational experiences. These changes include:

  • All STEP job position proposals/job descriptions must identify one to three UW Oshkosh Student Learning Outcomes that the position will enhance. (See sample statements from STEP supervisors on the Titan Jobs website.)
  • All STEP students must be given face-to-face pre- and post-position performance evaluations on the relevant student learning outcomes. Criteria for use in evaluating the Student Learning Outcomes are (or soon will be) available at Titan Jobs.
  • All approved STEP positions, including those filled last year, must be posted on the Titan Jobs website for at least seven days before anyone is hired.

The position proposal/job description template, step-by-step guide for hiring a STEP student, FAQs and other information are available at the TitanJobs website. We encourage you to start this process as soon as possible.

Thank you very much.

Richard H. Wells