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stayinghealthyexercisingatuwoshkosh copySince opening in 2007, the award-winning Student Recreation and Wellness Center has become one of the most used facilities on campus. Students are allowed to use the SRWC for free with their TitanCard.

The SRWC offers basketball courts, an indoor track, cardio machines, weights, a rock climbing wall and more. Not only is exercising good for the body, it’s also a great way to reduce stress, boost energy and improve mood!


Drink water, a lot of it!

Around Campus Spring 2015Water makes up about 60 percent of a person’s body weight and is incredibly important to many bodily functions. One way to get enough water each day is to remember the “8­x­8” rule, which recommends drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily. Due to their high water content, fruits and vegetables are a great source to help stay hydrated as well. Try to remember to bring a water bottle to class each day!


Educate yourself

stayinghealthyresearchingnutritionatuwoshkoshSometimes even just reading about health related topics can help improve overall health. The Student Health 101 wellness magazine gives advice on how to eat healthy, exercise, deal with stress and more. Another great resource is the Health Advocate program. Health Advocates are students trained on health issues such as stress management, nutrition, first aid and more, and they are located in each residence hall.


Get your beauty sleep

stayinghealthyclashsleepingatuwoshkoshThe National Sleep Foundation recommends young adults (ages 18–­25) should aim for 7 to ­9 hours of sleep per night. College can be stressful and busy, which means there might be some nights with less sleep than others. Try to get onto a regular sleep cycle. Some people can function on different amounts of sleep, so really it depends on the type of person.


Stop driving everywhere

Around Campus Fall 2014Now that it’s spring time and the weather is becoming nice, spend the extra 10 minutes and walk or bike to class. Not only is walking a healthy activity, it also helps reduce money spent on gas! Get outside and enjoy the warm weather.



Know what’s in the food

Stone SteakhouseHelp maintain a healthy diet by simply keeping an eye on what’s in the food. Use this handy nutrition calculator to see the details on everything offered at Blackhawk Commons during the week. Reeve Union also provides some resources for nutritional information.



“Everything in moderation”

stayinghealthyclasheatingatuwoshkoshThis very important saying can be applied to many things, including nutrition. Eating healthy doesn’t mean no treats or dessert every once in a while. Go for it. Order out occasionally. With healthy lifestyle on a regular basis, this should be fine.