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The following undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh earned awards April 25 at the 2019 Celebration of Scholarship and Creative Activity:

Outstanding Graduate Research and Creative Activity Award – $200

Jane Ballesteros (Sabrina Mueller-Spitz) Biology
Oral Presentation: Deinococcus Habitat Distribution, Relative Abundance and Sequence Identity in Public Metagenomic Datasets
Hometown: Mequon
Major: Microbiology
Year in School: Second year graduate student

Doua Yang (Robert Mitchell) Biology
Poster Presentation: Brain structure as a Novel Indicator of Pheromone Use in Longhorned Beetles (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)
Hometown: Green Bay
Major: Biology
Year in School: Second year graduate student

Outstanding Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Award – $100 each

Michael Clark (Eric Hiatt) Geology
Poster Presentation: The Origin and Composition of the Iron-Rich Neda Formation, Eastern Wisconsin: From Ancient Oceans to Economic Iron Ore
Hometown: Stevens Point
Major: Geology
Year in School: Junior

Molly Hennig and Isabel Sorebo (Anna Hersey and Yuliya Smead) Music
Performance Presentation: Five Hebrew Love Songs

Molly Hennig
Hometown: New Ulm, Minnesota
Major: Vocal Performance, Music Industry with Emphasis in Music Business and Recording Technology
Year in School: Junior

Isabel Sorebo
Hometown: Appleton
Major: Music Education
Year in School: Freshman

Kara Gillette (Sheri Lense) Chemistry
Poster Presentation: The Effect of Acid Strength on Catalytic Conversion of CO2 to Value-Added Chemicals
Hometown: Eugene, Oregon
Major: Chemistry
Year in School: Senior

Megan Elger (Kristi Wilkum–Fond du Lac campus) Communication Studies
Poster Presentation: Social Interaction and Media Behavior: Political Engagement among Gen Z
Hometown: Hartford
Major: Communication Studies
Year In School: Junior

Clow Social Science Undergraduate Award – $200 each

Katelyn Wulff (Michael Jasinski) Political Science
Poster Presentation: The Availability of Dental Care for Wisconsin’s Impoverished: Effects of the Urban-Rural Divide
Hometown: Theresa
Major: Nursing
Year in School: Junior

Allison Smith, Ashley Xiong, Jenna Nourse, Jamie Luehring, Sedona Sieg and Brittany Burgess
(Quin Chrobak) Psychology
Poster Presentation: The Impact of Processing Style on Susceptibility to Post-Event Misinformation

Allison Smith
Hometown: Kaukauna
Major: Psychology
Year in School: Senior

Ashley Xiong
Hometown: Sheboygan
Major: Psychology
Year in School: Junior

Jenna Nourse
Hometown: Oshkosh
Major: Psychology
Year in School: Sophomore

Jamie Luehring
Hometown: Stevens Point
Major: Psychology
Year in School: Junior

Sedona Sieg
Hometown: Union Grove
Major: Psychology
Year in School: Junior

Brittany Burgess
Hometown: Fond du Lac
Major: Psychology
Year in School: Senior