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Imagine transferring a love of baseball to a career.

Undoubtedly, it has crossed the minds of millions who love the game.

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh senior radio TV film (RTF) student Jeff Coe is living a dream as he takes on a role with the Boston Red Sox—his favorite team.

The Red Sox are reigning Major League Baseball champions and the storied franchise has nine World Series titles.

Although he wasn’t hired to work in a sweet media production role, Coe accepted an entry position with the Red Sox Foundation: a 50/50 Raffle team member. The position will allow him to understand the structure of the Red Sox organization and network with members of the team behind the team.

“One day I’d absolutely love to be one of the camera guys who goes to all the Red Sox games, home and away, and just record games for NESN—New England Sports Network—or be a photographer for the Sox or Major League Baseball,” Coe said.

The soon-to-be UW Oshkosh alumnus has been in Boston since the Red Sox’ Opening Day, Tuesday, April 9 and is getting used to Boston pronunciations like “cah” (car), “pak” (park) and “chowda” (chowder).

He’s been scurrying to keep up with homework and tests he needs to complete for his RTF degree and minor in studio art with an emphasis on photography. He won’t be attending the UW Oshkosh Commencement—he’ll be working for the Red Sox in their series with Houston over the weekend. He said he’ll be thinking of the people “walking” for Commencement at UW Oshkosh and remembering them all.

“Growing up, I always wanted to become a baseball broadcaster for the Boston Red Sox for ESPN, doing baseball games,” he said. “Ultimately, my goal was to work for the Red Sox.”

In eighth grade, he picked up his first digital camera and started taking photos of his older brothers, who were outstanding baseball players for their high school and respective colleges. But it was the prowess of retired major league player, Nomar Garciaparra, a former all-star shortstop with the Boston Red Sox, who caught the attention of Coe during his formative years. He would watch the plays Garciaparra made on Sports Center’s Top 10 Plays of the Day.

Coe said that was when his love of the Boston Red Sox began.

Pursue your passion

Katherine Fredrickson was Coe’s instructor in fall 2017, the first semester she taught Audience Insights at UW Oshkosh. They shared a love of baseball and had many conversations about the game.

“I always ask a student, ‘What is your passion?’” Fredrickson said. “If you weren’t pursuing your degree, what would you be doing?”

She said if a student shares that they enjoyed creative writing in high school, she encourages them to nurture their passion.

“Why not major in business and minor in creative writing, theatre or art? The pursuit of a degree and ultimately a career should combine your skills and your passion,” she said. “Jeff is a good example of someone who knows his passion. He’s willing to take on multiple jobs to get one step closer to his ultimate dream.”

Coe is thankful for Fredrickson and his other instructors at UWO for believing in him and taking time to help him succeed in his courses—even during some tough stretches in school. His mom has been his biggest supporter.

Chance to win

The Appleton native will have plenty of time in the sun this summer at Boston’s Fenway Park. He will be working to earn funds that support the Red Sox Foundation team charity and make a difference in the lives of children, families, veterans and the community in need. He said a special three day 50/50 Raffle to be drawn May 17 will award a minimum prize of $50,000.

“I’ve been to Boston two other times before this (Red Sox Foundation job) but there’s so much to explore still, and I absolutely love this city,” he said. “I always wanted to move here and now getting that chance is a dream come true.

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