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Two new 100-percent online collaborative master’s degree programs—applied biotechnology and information technology (IT) management—have been approved by the Higher Learning Commission and will be offered at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Classes will begin in spring 2020.

“Having employees who can harness technology into productive business results is a must for any innovative company, regardless of industry,” said Susan Adams, UW Oshkosh continuing education director.

“The NEW IT Alliance projects that there will be 3,000 new IT jobs in northeastern Wisconsin by 2021 and that demand is continuing to expand. Recipients of both of these postgraduate degrees will be equipped with the skill set to lead the teams that will solve the problems facing our region now and in the foreseeable future.”

The applied biotechnology program offers a comprehensive, multidisciplinary curriculum that prepares students to advance their careers and pursue their academic ambitions through leadership and management positions within the biotechnology field.

The degree represents a fully online, asynchronous curriculum comprised of 31 credits to include six core courses, three concentration or track courses, a capstone preparation course and a project-based capstone course.

Students can tailor their coursework to meet their career goals in quality assurance and compliance, business management and research and development.

The information technology management program offers a fully online fixed curriculum consisting of 37 credits–12 three-credit courses and a one-credit capstone preparation course. The multidisciplinary curriculum balances real-world applications and practices relevant to the current field and draws primarily from business, information systems, information technology, cybersecurity, data science, communications and project management.

Graduates of the program will gain the knowledge and skills required to manage information technology functions across a wide range of industries.

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