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The latest issue of CONtact magazine highlights the tenacity of the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh College of Nursing’s faculty to adapt to the challenges of working in healthcare facilities while also teaching during a pandemic. Not only were faculty blindsided by the unexpected switch to online learning in spring 2020, but they also also had to learn to balance the new normal with the ever-changing work environment of healthcare.

“It is a top priority to be readily available to my students. It’s also a priority that I fill as many shifts as possible at the hospital in order to help out during this pandemic,” said CON instructional academic staff member Kim Brundidge. “I keep a schedule and work ahead when possible in order to keep everything running smoothly.”

The 2020 edition of CONtact also features stories about virtual education and practice during the pandemic, UWO’s first class of doctoral-prepared nurse anesthetists to graduate in Wisconsin and the new UWO CON Alumni Association chapter.

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