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All you need is a smartphone and an opportunity to stroll around the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

You might be designated a digital dignitary thanks to another up-and-coming social media feature that the University has plugged into.

UW Oshkosh now features a page on Foursquare, a social media site leveraging location. Foursquare allows users to roam wherever they are, “check in” at different spots, such as restaurants, stores, parks and museums, and claim badges. The badges can offer points, rewards and even, depending on the volume of check-ins, mayorships, according to the website.

Foursquare’s social media power comes into play when friends and users share tips, commentary and other feedback about their different stops—not to mention the value of letting their connections know where they are, when they are there. It’s an inherently valuable social media tool on university campuses.

“Its location based, so you can see what’s happening on campus and where your friends are,” said Jamie Ceman, multichannel marketing and web director in UW Oshkosh’s Integrated Marketing and Communications department.

Universities around the U.S. are currently developing Foursquare pages as another way to bolster connections with students, staff, faculty and their broader communities. UW Oshkosh already boasts five campus badges, which can be earned by checking in at five athletic events, eating at campus dining halls, swinging by Polk Library after midnight and registering visits at a host of other campus locations.

“It’s ultimately a fun social media tool for students to learn more about campus and get more involved in campus activities,” Ceman said.