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Karen Carley, ‘04 nursing graduate from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, was recently named Newsmaker of the Year 2020 for the city of Omro.

Carley, a lifelong Omro resident and health and nursing services director for the Omro school district, was recognized for her dedication to providing a wide range of services to staff, teachers and students in spite of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. She also was an important part of the district’s mitigation strategies, which have helped keep the Omro schools open and safe.

Like most healthcare professionals, Carley was blindsided by COVID-19 but kept a watchful eye as it progressed and made changes as needed to help keep the district safe. She also was instrumental in the decision to implement two learning models for district families–virtual learning and in-person learning.

Carley said she was honored by the recognition and is thankful to work with a team of people who work hard to ensure their school’s success. She said she has been dedicated to listening to the community and doing whatever it takes to offer learning methods that make sense for families.

“Our community showed a great desire to have in-person learning, and our schools worked hard to find creative ways to make this possible,” she said. “This has been possible for many reasons, including great teamwork with all staff members, communication of guidance and recommendations, cooperation of families and students and flexibility of everyone involved.”

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