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Coaching Certificate

This certificate consists of 12 credits.

Required Course

Department Course # Course Name Credit(s)
Physical Education 79-320 Contemporary Issues in Coaching 3

Select One Course

Department Course # Course Name Credit(s)
Physical Education 79-360 Field Experience in Coaching (Grades 6-8) 2
Physical Education 79-408 Field Experience in Coaching (Grades 9-12) 3
Elective Courses
Department Course # Course Name Credit(s)
Physical Education 79-247 Coaching of Softball 2
Physical Education 79-261 Volleyball Coaching 2
Physical Education 79-264 Tennis Coaching 2
Physical Education 79-265 Coaching of Gymnastics 2
Physical Education 79-304 Coaching Soccer Successfully 2
Physical Education 79-305 Coaching Wrestling Successfully 2
Physical Education 79-306 Coaching of Football 2
Physical Education 79-307 Coaching of Basketball 2
Physical Education 79-308 Coaching of Baseball 2
Physical Education 79-309 Coaching of Track and Field 2
Physical Education 79-310 Coaching Hockey Successfully 2
Physical Education 79-328 Officiating Team Sports 2
Physical Education 79-382 Coaching of Swimming 2
Physical Education 79-390 Current Topics 1
Physical Education 79-446 Independent Study 1
Physical Education *79-375 Lifespan Motor Development 2


* Physical education majors MAY NOT select 79- 375 as an elective.
** 79-375 is a REQUIRED course within the “elective” category” for non-physical education majors.

ASEP Coaching Certification

Upon completion of this certificate, students have the opportunity to earn an American Sport Education Program (ASEP) coaching certification, which is nationally recognized.

This 12-credit certification, which includes the ASEP certification, is accepted by the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) as meeting its coaching education requirement for scholastic coaches.


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