UWO Bolt Band

Winter 2023-24

Cheer the Titans on to victory at the men’s and women’s basketball games!  The UWO Bolt Pep Band will perform for the entire 2023-24 basketball season. Come be a part of the excitement!

Bolt Band is a Department of Music ensemble offered for 0 or 1 credit as MUSIC 167/367.


  • Piccolo 
  • Clarinet 
  • Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Saxophone  
  • Trumpet 
  • Mellophone 
  • Trombone 
  • Baritone 
  • Sousaphone  
  • Electric Bass 
  • Drum Set


Instruments will be provided in all sections! Members must be able to perform at a high school level. Numbers in some sections, including baritone saxophone, electric bass, and drum set will be limited.

Get Started

Apply for membership beginning in the fall semester (by October 20) and register for MUSIC 167/367.

Pre-season rehearsals are on November 1 & 3. Performances begin on November 8.

New Bolt Band members should schedule a hearing between October 23-27. Former Bolt Band members and current Titan Thunder members will not need to audition if playing on the same instrument. 

Each hearing will be only 5 minutes long. Students should contact Dr. Scheivert directly to schedule a time. Please review the music in advance, linked in the next tab.  

Drum Set applicants will be e-mailed audition repertoire directly.  Those auditions will be held at the first rehearsal on November 1. 


Audition Material

Please note that the audition consists of 2 scales of your choosing and the entire piece listed below. Sample recording information is provided at the bottom of the piece.

The season schedule for Bolt Band involves regular performances from November through March, including during January (J-Term).


Each game day will include a 1-hour rehearsal in the Kolf Fieldhouse, 30 minutes mealtime, a 30-minute pregame concert, and the full game (overtime as needed). This creates a call time 2 hours prior to the advertised tip-off (e.g. report time for a 7:00pm game is at 5:00pm). 

I don’t know if I can make it to every game… should I still apply?
As Bolt Band is a class, you are expected to be at every performance. However, excused absences are allowed in the case of class conflicts and emergency situations. Some leniency during semester breaks may be granted when a student’s home-of-record is a significant distance from campus.

Do I need to provide my own instrument for hearings?
Though you may prefer to practice and perform on your own instrument for hearings, feel free to contact Dr. Scheivert if you need to discuss options. University instruments will be used in all performances.

Are uniforms provided?  Yes! 

Do we have to memorize all the basketball band music? No! The demands of NCAA basketball call for us to perform a wide variety of music very frequently during a game. To this end we don’t focus on memorization, but instead perform a large quantity of charts at a very high level – aided by sheet music on a smartphone. 

How do I enroll in Bolt Band as a class? You may register at anytime for MUSIC 167/367. Bolt Band will be a second-half Fall course with an extended end date through the entire basketball season. Students who require a zero-credit section should contact the director.

Can access campus students or students at other institutions participate? Yes! Like the marching band, the sole requirement is that you are able to enroll at UWO for this course. Contact Dr. Scheivert for information about special admissions procedures.

Questions? These and other questions and procedures will be discussed at an October 19 Zoom session and at rehearsals. Further questions, concerns, and clarifications should be directed to Dr. Scheivert at scheivertj@uwosh.edu. 

Connect with Us

Athletic Bands Office
Arts and Communication Building  N120

Join Dr. Scheivert on Zoom
(Meeting ID: 947 0055 1966
Passcode: Bolt2324)

Thursday, Oct 19 at 8:00 p.m.