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Law and Policy Minors are required to have a minimum of 21 credits. The required courses make up 6 of the 21 credits. The remaining 15 credits are to include courses from the following list. No more than 6 credits may be taken from any one department.

Required Courses

Political Science 253: Introduction to Law (3 credits)

Political Science 392: Judicial Process in America (3 credits) or Political Science 315: Policy Analysis

Anthropology Courses

Anthropology 338: The Anthropology of Law and Politics (3 credits)

Business Courses

Accounting 403: Federal Income Taxation (3 credits)
Accounting 404: Advanced Federal Income Taxation (3 credits)
Business 320: Essentials of Law for Business (3 credits)
Business 321: Business Law I (3 credits)
Business 322: Business Law II (3 credits)
Finance 320: Real Estate Finance (3 credits)
Finance 351: Financial Planning for Individuals (3 credits)
MHR 387: Benefits Administration (1.5 credits)

Criminal Justice Courses

Criminal Justice 218: Adjudication Process in Criminal Justice (3 credits)
Criminal Justice 270: Introductory Criminal Law (3 credits)
Criminal Justice 319: Criminal Courts: Proof of Guilt (3 credits)*
Criminal Justice 328: Criminal Court Behavior (3 credits)*
Criminal Justice 331: Women and Crime (3 credits)*
Criminal Justice 347: The Juvenile Justice System (3 credits)*
Criminal Justice 348: Law of Corrections (3 credits)*


*These CJ courses have pre-requisites. In most instances if a student has prior courseowrk in law or political science, Criminal Justice Department instructors will likely waive these pre-requisites for Law & Policy minors. Students should e-mail the instructor to discuss and request instructor consent.    

Human Services Courses

Human Services 415: Legal and Ethical Aspects of Human Services (3 credits)

Journalism Courses

Journalism 412: Law of Mass Communication (3 credits)

Philosophy Courses

Philosophy 330: Business and Ethics (3 credits)

Philosophy 345: Philosophy of Law (3 credits)

Political Science Courses

Political Science 302: Civil Liberties in the United States (3 credits)
Political Science 305: Constitutional Law and Judicial Policy-Making I (3 credits)
Political Science 306: Constitutional Law and Judicial Policy-Making II (3 credits)
Political Science 308: International Law (3 credits)
Political Science 316: Environmental Law and Policy (3 credits)
Political Science 321: American Public Policy (3 credits)
Political Science 323: Comparative Constitutionalism Law (3 credits)
Political Science 330: Discrimination and Legal Remedies (3 credits)
Political Science 342: Gender, Law and Policy (3 credits)
Political Science 346: Queer Politics and Policy (3 credits)
Political Science 354: Science, Politics and Policy (3 credits)
Political Science 357: Environmental Policy (3 credits)

Public Administration Courses

Public Administration 307: Administrative Law and Procedure (3 credits)

Radio-TV-Film Courses

Radio-TV-Film 313: Entertainment Law (3 credits)

Sociology Courses

Sociology 351: Criminology (3 credits)

Sociology 353: Juvenile Delinquency (3 credits)

Sociology 373: Sociology of Law (3 credits)

Women and Gender Courses

Women and Gender 342: Gender, Law and Policy (3 credits)

Women and Gender 370: Women and the Law (3 credits)