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Strength and Courage are on full display at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

That’d be Strength and Courage the peregrine falcons. The two birds—named for the traits many of us have had to summon during the era of the coronavirus—are nested atop the Gruenhagen Conference Center on the UW Oshkosh campus. The public is invited to check in on them at any time via the YouTube livestream.

This marks the 10th year a pair of peregrines have nested on the Gruenhagen roof. The Sustainability Institute for Regional Transformations (SIRT) is now overseeing the project after years under the coordination of Residence Life. After hatching earlier this year, Strength and Courage were named and banded in May.

Peregrines are known as the fastest animals on Earth, capable of reaching speeds of 200 mph during a dive. They feed almost exclusively on birds they strike in midair and grasp with their talons. Blue jays and pigeons are among their favorite targets.

For more information or to support the peregrine project at UWO, visit the SIRT peregrine website.

Watch the peregrine livestream on YouTube

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