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Majors, Minors and More

2-D Studio ArtEmphasis
3-D Studio ArtEmphasis
AccountingMajor (BBA)
Adapted Physical EducationMinor
Adventure & Outdoor Pursuits Certificate
Advertising Emphasis
Advertising Minor
African Studies Emphasis
African Studies Minor
African-American Studies Minor
American Sign Language Certificate
Anthropology Major (BA/BS)
Anthropology Minor
Applied BiotechnologyMaster's (MS)
Applied Ethics Certificate
Applied Physics Emphasis
Art - Fine ArtsMajor (BFA)
Art - StudioMajor (BA/BS)
Art (Studio Art) Minor
Art History Minor
Asian Studies Emphasis
Asian Studies Minor
Astronomy Minor
Athletic TrainingMaster's (MS)
Bilingual Education – HmongMinor
Bilingual Education – SpanishMinor
BiologyMaster's (MS)
Biology Major (BA/BS)
Biology/Microbiology Minor
Biomedical Science Major (BA/BS)
Biomolecular Science Emphasis
Business AdministrationMinor
Business Administration – Business Foundations Graduate-Level Certificate
Business Administration – Data AnalyticsGraduate-Level Certificate
Business Administration – ExecutiveMaster's (MBA)
Business Administration – ProfessionalMaster's (MBA)
Business Analysis Certificate
Business Analytics Certificate
Business EconomicsMinor
Business Economics Certificate
Cellular, Molecular, and Professional BiologyEmphasis
ChemistryMajor (BA/BS)
Civic Engagement Minor
Coaching Certificate
College of Education & Human Services Minor
Communication Studies Major (BA/BS)
Communication Studies Minor
Community Health Studies Certificate
Computer ScienceMinor
Computer Science Emphasis
Computer Science Major (BA/BS)
Computer Science Systems & Theory Emphasis
Creative Writing Minor
Criminal JusticeMajor (BA/BS)
Criminal JusticeMinor
CybersecurityMaster's (MS)
Cybersecurity Certificate
Cybersecurity Emphasis
Data ScienceMaster's (MS)
Digital Marketing Certificate
Digital Marketing Emphasis
Doctor of Nursing PracticeDoctorate (DNP)
Early Childhood Special EducationMajor (BSE)
Earth ScienceMinor
Ecology and Organismal BiologyEmphasis
EconomicsMajor (BA/BS)
EconomicsMajor (BBA)
Educational Leadership and PolicyMaster's (MS)
Educational Leadership and Policy – Administrative LicensesGraduate-Level Certificate
Educational Leadership and Policy – Athletics Leadership and Sports ManagementGraduate-Level Certificate
Educational Leadership and Policy – Leadership for Social JusticeGraduate-Level Certificate
Educational Leadership and Policy – Post Baccalaureate Library Media SpecialistGraduate-Level Certificate
Educational Leadership and Policy – Post-Secondary, Technical and Adult EducationGraduate-Level Certificate
Educational Leadership and Policy: The SuperintendencyDoctorate (Ed.D.)
Electrical Engineering Technology Major (BA/BS)
Elementary EducationMajor (BSE)
Elementary MathMinor
EnglishMajor (BA/BS)
EnglishMaster's (MA)
English – Creative WritingGraduate-Level Certificate
English – New LiteraturesGraduate-Level Certificate
English as a Second LanguageMinor
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Certificate
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Emphasis
Entrepreneurship & Innovation Certificate
Environmental Engineering Technology Major (BA/BS)
Environmental Health Major (BA/BS)
Environmental Policy & Values Emphasis
Environmental Science Emphasis
Environmental StudiesMinor
Environmental Studies Major (BA/BS)
European Studies Emphasis
European Studies Minor
Exercise & Sports ScienceMajor (BS)
Family Business & Entrepreneurship Emphasis
FinanceMajor (BBA)
Finance & InvestmentsCertificate
Financial ManagementCertificate
FrenchMajor (BA/BS)
GeographyMajor (BA/BS)
Geology Major (BA/BS)
Geology Minor
GermanMajor (BA/BS)
GIS Certificate
Global BusinessMinor
Global Religions Minor
Global Scholar designation Certificate
Graduate Achievement Program – LiteracyGraduate-Level Certificate
Graphic Design Emphasis
Health, Humanities & Society Certificate
HistoryMajor (BA/BS)
Human Resource ManagementMajor (BBA)
Human Resource Management Certificate
Human Service LeadershipMajor (BS)
Human Services LeadershipMaster's (MS)
Human Services Leadership Certificate
Humanities Certificate
Indigenous Studies Certificate
Information SystemsMajor (BBA)
Information SystemsMinor
Information Systems Certificate
Information Technology ManagementMaster's (MS)
Instrumental Performance Emphasis
Insurance & Risk ManagementMinor
Insurance & Risk Management Certificate
Integrated Theatre ArtsEmphasis
Interactive Web ManagementMajor (BA/BS)
Interactive Web ManagementMajor (BBA)
International Business Certificate
International Business Emphasis
International Business Emphasis
International Development Emphasis
International EconomicsEmphasis
International Economics Certificate
International Studies Major (BA/BS)
International Studies – Anthropology Emphasis
International Studies – Art Emphasis
International Studies – Economics Emphasis
International Studies – English Emphasis
International Studies – French Emphasis
International Studies – Geography Emphasis
International Studies – German Emphasis
International Studies – Global & National Security Emphasis
International Studies – History Emphasis
International Studies – Philosophy Emphasis
International Studies – Political Science Emphasis
International Studies – Religious Studies Emphasis
International Studies – Spanish Emphasis
International Studies – Speech Emphasis
Japanese Minor
Japanese StudiesMajor (BA/BS)
Language & Literature Emphasis
Language ArtsMinor
Latin American Studies Emphasis
Latin American Studies Minor
Law & Policy Minor
LGBTQ Certificate
Liberal ArtsEmphasis
Linguistics Minor
LiteracyMaster's (MSE)
Literacy & Language – Disciplinary LiteracyGraduate-Level Certificate
Literacy & Language – Educational CoachingGraduate-Level Certificate
Literacy & Language – Literacy CoachingGraduate-Level Certificate
Literacy & Language – Reading Specialist LicensureGraduate-Level Certificate
Literature Minor
ManagementMajor (BBA)
MarketingMajor (BBA)
Marketing Certificate
Marketing Analysis & Insights Certificate
Marketing Analysis & Insights Emphasis
Math Major (BA/BS)
Mathematics EducationMaster's (MS)
Mechanical Engineering Technology Major (BA/BS)
Media Studies Minor
Medical ImagingMajor (BA/BS)
Medical TechnologyMajor (BS)
Microbiology Major (BA/BS)
Military Science Minor
Multimedia JournalismMajor (BA/BS)
Multimedia Journalism Minor
MusicMajor (BA/BS)
MusicMajor (BM/BME)
Music Minor
Music Composition Emphasis
Music Industry Minor
Music Industry - Audio Production Emphasis
Music Industry - Bus & Audio Prod. Emphasis
Music Industry - Business Emphasis
Neuroscience Minor
NursingMajor (BSN)
NursingMaster's (MSN)
Nursing – Clinical Nurse LeaderGraduate-Level Certificate
Nursing – Nurse EducatorGraduate-Level Certificate
Operations ResearchMinor
Organizational Communication Minor
Philosophy Major (BA/BS)
Philosophy Minor
PhysicsMajor (BS/BSE)
Physics/Engineering Dual Emphasis
Piano Pedagogy & Performance Emphasis
Political ScienceMinor
Political Science Major (BA/BS)
Professional Biochemistry Emphasis
Professional Chemistry Emphasis
Professional CounselingMaster's (MSE)
Professional Geology Emphasis
Professional Hydrogeology Emphasis
Professional PhysicsEmphasis
Professional Writing Minor
Project Management Emphasis
Psychology Major (BA/BS)
Psychology Minor
Psychology – Cognitive/AffectiveMaster's (MS)
Public AdministrationMaster's (MPA)
Public Administration – Healthcare ManagementGraduate-Level Certificate
Public RelationsMajor (BA/BS)
Public Relations Minor
Quantitative EconomicsEmphasis
Radio/TV/FilmMajor (BA/BS)
Radiologic Science Emphasis
Rehabilitation ScienceMajor (BS)
Rhetoric Minor
Risk Management & Actuarial ScienceMinor
School Health EducationMinor
Secondary Education - ArtMajor (BFA)
Secondary Education - Earth ScienceMajor (BSE)
Secondary Education - English as a Second LanguageMajor (BSE)
Secondary Education - MusicMajor (BME)
Secondary Education - Natural ScienceMajor (BSE)
Secondary Education - Physical EducationMajor (BSE)
Secondary Education - Social ScienceMajor (BSE)
Secondary Education - Special EducationMajor (BSE)
Social Equity & Diversity Certificate
Social JusticeMinor
Social ScienceMinor
Social WorkMajor (BSW)
Social WorkMaster's (MSW)
Sociology Major (BA/BS)
Sociology – Organization, Community & Environment Emphasis
Sociology – Social Control, Deviance & CriminologyEmphasis
Sociology – Social Equity & Diversity Emphasis
Sonography Emphasis
SpanishMajor (BA/BS)
Spanish Language Emphasis
Spanish Literature Emphasis
Special Education – Director of Special Education/Pupil Services LicensureGraduate-Level Certificate
Special Education – Sign Language & Deaf CultureGraduate-Level Certificate
Special Education and Early ChildhoodMaster's (MSE)
Speech Communication EducationMinor
Statistics Emphasis
Statistics Minor
Supply Chain ManagementMajor (BBA)
Supply Chain Management Certificate
Sustainability ManagementMinor
Sustainable ManagementMaster's (MS)
Teachers of English to Other Languages Certificate
Teaching & Learning – Classroom AssessmentGraduate-Level Certificate
Teaching & Learning – Disciplinary LiteracyGraduate-Level Certificate
Teaching and LearningMaster's (MSE)
Theatre Minor
Theatre Arts Major (BA/BS)
Theatre Arts – Acting Emphasis
Theatre Arts AdministrationEmphasis
Theatre Arts Design Emphasis
Vocal Performance Emphasis
Web & Mobile Development Emphasis
Women’s and Gender Studies Minor
Women’s and Gender Studies Major (BA/BS)

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