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Furlough Information for Employees



The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is facing increased fiscal challenges as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. We are faced with challenges that require painstaking decisions and sacrifice to keep our institution operating and carrying out its mission. There is no good or preferable time to take this type of action. Causing this disruption to lives is difficult.

Below you will find information and resources to help navigate this difficult situation. This page will be updated frequently, so remember to check back often. Please contact the Office of Human Resources with any questions you may have.

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Policies & Resources

Fall Furlough Entry Tipsheets

The fall furlough reporting requirements are different than the summer reporting requirements. Please use the guides below to assist you in fall furlough entry. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

UWO Specific Furlough FAQ's - Updated 9/30/20

Below are of some of the common questions HR is receiving from employees. Please check back often for updates. If you have questions or need help regarding summer furlough assignments, please contact the HR Office at  

Q: Can I still work on a day that has been designated as a furlough day? 

A: No, an employee may not work on a day that is intended for furlough. Faculty may work on scholarship. 

Q: Will new hires be assigned intermittent furlough for the Fall?

A: Yes, new hires will be notified via email of their furlough assignment. Days assigned will be based on hire date.

Q: Am I still eligible to use the Employee Assistance Program if I am on furlough? 

A: Yes, we understand these are difficult times and encourage employees to utilize this program. More information can be found online – Username: SOWI

Q: Can an employee who is on FMLA be assigned intermittent furlough? 

A: Yes, employees on approved FMLA are still required to observe intermittent furlough. Intermittent furlough hours do not count towards the annual FMLA bank. 

Q: Can I take more than one intermittent furlough day in a bi-weekly period?  

A: No, intermittent furloughs cannot exceed 1 day per a two week period. Please refer to the Fall Furlough Reporting Periods document to assist you in planning your furlough days.

Q: Can employees on intermittent furlough use paid leave? 

A: Yes, paid leave can be used with supervisor approval for all non-furlough days. Paid leave cannot be used on days an employee is observing their intermittent furlough.

Q: What are the salary thresholds for intermittent furlough days?

A: Salary thresholds are based on base salary.
$60,000 and above – 8 furlough days
$46,000 to $59,999 – 6 furlough days
$45,999 to $33,000 – 4 furlough days
Below $33,000 – no furlough assignment

Q: How is base salary determined?   

A: Your base salary is calculated using a 1.0 FTE. Hourly employees can take their hourly rate multiplied by 2080 standard hours ($20/hour * 2080 = $41,600 base salary).

Q: What if my FTE has changed since receiving my furlough letter?

A: Employee furlough letters were sent using data as of August 6, 2020. You may have received a fall rehire contract and/or an FTE change since the letters were written. Please use your most current and up to date FTE to determine your furlough hour requirement. 

Q: How do I calculate furlough if I am part-time?

A: If you are a part-time employee (< 1.0 FTE), the amount of your furlough time is prorated by the percentage of your appointment (% FTE or full-time equivalency). This is calculated using a three-step process. 

Step 1: Determine the number of furlough days assigned to your annual pay rate, without adjusting for part-time. 

Step 2: Multiply the number of furlough days by the percentage of your appointment (% FTE). For example, if your appointment is 0.50 FTE, you would multiply the number of furlough days by 0.50. (Note: Furlough days are in 8 hour increments) 

Step 3: Convert the number of prorated furlough days (from Step 2) to hours by multiplying the number of days by 8 and rounding to the nearest whole hour. 

Example: Employee has an annual base pay rate of $60,000 and 0.50 FTE:
Step 1: $60,000 base rate = 8 furlough days
Step 2: 8 furlough days * 0.50 FTE = 4 furlough days 
Step 3: 4 furlough days * 8 hours 32 furlough hours 

Q: If I am part-time, how do I report furlough and hours worked?

A: If you are part-time, it is best to report the number of hours worked and furlough hours based on your current schedule. Part-time employees need to ensure that their total hours assigned for the fall are recorded and do not exceed one full day per bi-weekly period 

Example: A employee that is .9 FTE works 8 hours Monday-Thursday and 4 hours on Fridays. If the employee observes Monday as their furlough, they can report 8 hours of furlough. If they observe Friday as furlough, they can report 4 hours of furlough.  
*Note: Part-time instructional staff do not need to report hours worked, only the furlough absence entry is required. Refer to the tip-sheets for more information.

Q: Which employee types need to report hours in a timesheet?

A: Professional Academic Staff and Limited Appointees are responsible for reporting furlough hours and hours worked on a timesheet in the week in which they use furlough. This tip-sheet will assist employees in these classifications with entry. 

University Staff and employee’s paid bi-weekly should continue to report hours worked as they normally would and enter their furlough hours based on this tip-sheet. 

Faculty and Instructional Academic Staff never report hours worked on a timesheet. They report their furlough hours as an absence based on this tip-sheet 

Q: How is furlough assigned for employees with multiple appointments?

A: Employees with multiple appointments will be assigned furlough days based on each eligible position. Please refer to your furlough notice letter for specifics.

Q: Do I have to take all of my days in 8 hour increments?

A: Not necessarily. For ALL employees, a furlough day equals the number of hours regularly scheduled per day.
If your FTE is 1.0, you are scheduled 8 hours per day: 8 hours = one full furlough day, 4 hours = one half furlough day

For part-time employees, the length of the furlough day is prorated by the part-time employee’s FTE:
If your FTE equates to 6 hours per day (0.75 FTE) – 6 hours equals one full furlough day
If your FTE equates to 4 hours per day (0.50 FTE) – 4 hours equals one full furlough day
*If your FTE does not equate to a whole number for hours per day, please round to the nearest whole number. You may also refer to your furlough notice letter for your furlough assignment.

Q: How will intermittent furlough days affect my check?

A: An employee’s specific percentage salary reduction (equal to required furlough days) will be deducted from the employees compensation each pay period for the duration of the intermittent furlough program. 

Q: How does a supervisor approve furlough?

A: For instructional staff (Faculty and IAS) the supervisor will be approving the Furlough day the same way as they would approve an absence.

For University Staff, Professional Academic Staff and Limited Employees, the supervisor will approve furlough as payable time on the timesheet.

The supervisor can access both absence and payable time in the Manager Dashboard in the My UW System Portal. Please find additional resources for managers here.

Q: Why do Professional Academic Staff and Limited Employees need to record furlough and hours worked on a timesheet in the week that they take furlough?

A: Non-instructional, FLSA exempt (Professional AS/Limited Employees) employees that are subject to intermittent furlough become non-exempt (hourly) employees during the week of furlough usage. As such, these exempt employees will be required to report all hours worked during that furlough week. These exempt employees may only work up to 32 hours in a furlough week and are not authorized to work overtime. 

Q: Is anyone excluded from taking intermittent furlough days?

A: The following appointments are excluded from the intermittent furlough:

  • University Staff Temporary Employees
  • Graduate Assistants
  • Student hourly employees
  • Employees paid lump sum
  • Employees working under the terms of a work visa (such as H-1B or E-3)
  • Employees who are grant-fund 50% or more

Q: What types of payments are excluded from salary reduction?

A: The following compensation payment types are excluded from the percentage salary reduction:

  • Overtime
  • Overloads
  • Lump sum
  • Holiday premium pay
  • Weekend and night differentials

Q: Can classes be cancelled in order to observe required furlough time?  

A: Classes cannot be cancelled to make time to observe furlough. Faculty and IAS that need help determining how their schedule can be modified to observe their furlough assignment should work with their department chair or college leadership.  

Q: If my teaching schedule doesn’t allow for whole or half day furloughs, what should I do?  

A: If you are a full-time employee you can observe furlough time in smaller increments, but you must report your furlough time in 4- or 8-hour increments. For example, you can observe 2 hours of furlough on Tuesday and 2 hours on Thursday, but you would enter 4 hours of furlough for that week in your absence portal.  The system is designed to round to 0,4, or 8-hour increments for full-time employees. If you are part-time, you can enter your actual hours observed. The system does not round absences for parttime employees.  

Q: Is the amount of my salary reduction based on my base salary or my actual salary?  

A: The amount reduced from your paycheck is based on your gross pay for that pay periodFor part-time employeesyour base salary was only used to determine which furlough tier you were assigned to. Your actual reduction is based off of your earnings per pay period.  

Q: If I am a parttime employee, can I report furlough time in less than 8 or 4 hours increments?  

A: Yes, part-time employees can report furlough time in increments other than 8 or 4 hours. If entering furlough time in a timesheet, time will be rounded to the nearest .25 increment (15 minute). 

Unemployment Resources & FAQ’s

Unemployment Applications are filed directly with the state at

The UI Employer Account Number for UW Oshkosh is 691137.


Unemployment During Furlough FAQ's - Updated 5/27/2020

Q1: Are furloughed employees able to apply for Unemployment Insurance/Compensation?

Answer: Generally, individuals who experience a wage reduction equivalent to 8 hours in a 40-hour work week and who have earned less than $500 in that week from all employers are eligible to apply for unemployment compensation. More information can be found at

Q2: What is the UW System role in an unemployment compensation application?

Answer: Unemployment insurance/compensation claims are processed by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD). The UW System’s role is to answer the DWD’s request for information in a timely and factual manner.

Q3: Does the CARES Act provide more money in unemployment insurance benefits for UW System employees than their regular wages?

Answer: UW System does not determine eligibility for and amount of benefits. Information on unemployment, the CARES Act and unemployment benefit amounts can be found at

Q4: How do you file an unemployment application?

Answer: Applications are filed directly with the state at

Q5: What is UW Oshkosh’s UI Employer Account Number?  Answer: The UI Employer Account Number for UW Oshkosh is 691137. Please make sure you use this number when filing your claim to ensure your paperwork gets sent to the correct location.

Q6: Who determines if my claim gets approved? 

Answer: The DWD makes determinations about eligibility and approves weekly claims. UW Oshkosh does not determine if an individual is eligible for unemployment.

Community Resources

UW Extension: Financial Resources to Help Get Through COVID-19 – resources for free financial counseling, steps to take if individuals are struggling to make payments, and links to resources for requesting unemployment benefits, food assistance, childcare, paying utilities, and more.

211 – connects individuals with thousands of nonprofits and government agencies in their area based on their needs. Individuals can visit the website or call 2-1-1.

Oshkosh Area United Way Food Pantry List – list of food pantries in the Oshkosh area

Oshkosh Area United Way Community Resource Updates – list of Community Resources and their current availability including medical care, warming shelters, food pantries, and job centers.

Winnebago County Health Department COVID-19 Resource for the General Public – links for financial resources, mental health resources, aging and disability resources, and family and children resources.


What do I do if i have experienced bias, harassment, or discrimination?

If you experience harassment or discrimination, please file a report here.

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