Purchase Request

Our computer hardware vendors frequently update their product offerings and pricing, therefore all prices listed below are an estimate of your department’s final cost for the items selected. As part of the purchasing process, after you submit this form you will be provided a vendor quote for your order which will show you the actual cost of the items you’ve selected on this form.

Your provided quote may vary as all prices listed are an estimate of the final cost.

Shipping Delays

Due to continuing global shortages in electronic components, we are seeing shipment delays of 12 or more weeks for many Dell desktops, laptops, docks and monitors. Shipment delays of 18 weeks or more are normal for monitors.

Ordering Deadline for FY22

The FY22 deadline for computer ordering has passed. IT will complete chargebacks for orders where all items have been received by June 23, 2022; if part of an order has been received and another part has been delayed, the full chargeback be included in FY23.