Computer Labs

The support, training, and maintenance of general access computer labs across campus. The labs offer internet access and word processing, design, spreadsheet, statistical, and course-specific software. The labs also offer printers, scanners, and digital editing resources.


  • Use of labs is free, except for printing
  • Mac and Windows operating systems available
  • Assistive technology including screen readers and other accessibility features
  • Wireless printing available at all locations

Getting Started

  • Visit any general access lab (locations and hours listed below)
  • For assistance within the lab contact the Help Desk at (920) 424-3020 or

Available To

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students
  • Guests

Locations and Hours

Clow Hall C014
Windows computers: 26
Mac computers: 0
Black and white printers: 3
Color printers: 0
Study rooms: 2

Teaching Lab Information

Sage Hall 1208
Windows computers: 37
Mac computers: 9
Black and white printers: 3
Color printers: 0
Study rooms: 2

Teaching Lab Information

Halsey Science Center 101
Windows computers: 48
Mac computers: 6
Black and white printers: 4
Color printers: 0
Study rooms: 1

Teaching Lab Information

Swart Hall 229
Windows computers: 0
Mac computers: 34
Black and white printers: 2
Color printers: 0
Study rooms: 0

Teaching Lab Information




  • NetID required for computer login
  • TitanCard required for printing and after-hours access to Halsey Lab

Helpful Links

Pharos Printing – KnowledgeBase
Lab Software – KnowledgeBase
Reserving a Teaching Lab – KnowledgeBase

Get Help

(920) 424-3020

Clow C010