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A Journal of Undergraduate Discoveries


Oshkosh Scholar, the UW Oshkosh undergraduate research journal, is a collaborative effort between students and faculty at UW Oshkosh. Students are involved in editing and production coordination, and faculty review articles through a blind review process.

Interested in the opportunity to publish your work? Review the Submit page to learn about our process and find out how to submit your work. Before submission, make sure to revise your paper to conform to our guidelines. You can also explore past volumes of the journal.

Working toward publication can be an exciting way to refine your project and get recognition for your efforts, and it has external rewards as well. Getting published can:

  • add flair to your résumé so you stand out from other undergraduate students,
  • make an impressive addition to your portfolio,
  • increase your chance of acceptance to graduate school, and
  • demonstrate to potential employers your ability to communicate complex ideas.

Oshkosh Scholar is an annual publication. Print copies of Oshkosh Scholar are available in the Polk Library entryway or Dempsey 317.


Office of Student Research and Creative Activity

Dempsey Hall 317
(920) 424-1195