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Oshkosh Scholar Volume

Coming Spring 2021!

UW Oshkosh is proud to unveil the new cover for Oshkosh Scholar Volume XV, coming next spring! It will be full of new and exciting research from our students that will be conducted throughout the upcoming academic year. 

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Cover Design

Cover artist for Volume XV:

Keu See Lor

“The origami crane refers as the bird of happiness. It is a symbol of hope during challenging times. Hope makes us stronger and it is what keeps us going during difficult situations. It is believed that if a thousand paper cranes were folded, you will be granted one wish. The moral of the story is if we work hard to achieve our goal, our wish will be granted. The sky’s our limit and there’s so much we can achieve with some hope in our heart. If we keep holding onto the hope, one day we will succeed.”

– Keu See Lor

Cover Art Runners-up:

Trinity Hechimovich, Mallory Knight

Cover Art Honorable Mentions:

Paige Blumer, Sara LaVigne, Alexus Redd, Taylor Whipple, Alex Toonen (2 designs), Kaitlyn Schmitz, Andraia Bieth (2 designs), Trinity Hechimovich, Malik Reider, Aidan Reimer, Keu See Lor, Andreas Mercado
(Karina Cutler-Lake, Art)

Office of Student Research and Creative Activity

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